Excess weight

[ad_1] No matter how hard we try to avoid dissatisfaction with ourselves, sooner or later we will have to face the truth. For many people, being overweight is a big problem. Women are especially sensitive

Morning yoga — top 7 asanas to wake up

[ad_1] 04 February 2020, 15:37 In order to easily wake up and tune in to a working mood, it is enough to start the day right. And yoga is a great help. In the morning

Good health

[ad_1] Good health — who does not strive for this? The signs of human health are intuitively close and understandable to each of us: a healthy blush, shining hair, strong nails, a great appetite and,

Stress and dealing with it.

[ad_1] In the modern world, the flow of information is huge, and therefore the movement of life is noticeably accelerating. In order to be in time for everything and everywhere, incredible efforts are needed not

Question answer. Nails

[ad_1] Why do vertical folds appear on the nails of the hands and feet? Answer: Vertical creases on the nails can indicate a deficiency of B vitamins. Many foods are rich in B vitamins, but

Encyclopedia of Dance: Contact Improvisation

[ad_1] Contact improvisation is an opportunity to feel the mood of a partner. Deep penetration into each other’s feelings allows you to create real masterpieces on stage Contact improvisation is a type of choreography in

Yoga for the face

[ad_1] Yoga for the face is a set of simple and effective exercises aimed at maintaining facial muscles in good shape. Its popularity is quite natural: this system is not only beneficial for health and

Encyclopedia of dance: Pole dance

[ad_1] Pole dance is often mistakenly associated exclusively with striptease, although this direction is a dance discipline in its own right. The idea of ​​pole dancing in modern society is ambiguous. Some reproachfully claim that