Mimic exercises for facial skin

[ad_1] In just a few weeks, this set of facial exercises will help get rid of shallow wrinkles, tighten and tone the skin of the face. Exercise 1 This exercise improves the overall tone of

Stretching during aerobics

[ad_1] This set of stretching exercises will prepare the muscles for aerobics, as well as relax them immediately after the workout. It will take you about 6 minutes to complete the entire set of exercises,

How to remove dark circles under the eyes

[ad_1] If the appearance of dark circles under the eyes is not associated with genetic characteristics, then you have a real opportunity to get rid of them. If the shadows under the eyes have a

Stretching for basketball

[ad_1] This set of stretching exercises will prepare the muscles for basketball, as well as relax them immediately after the workout. Before stretching, warm up the muscles with a light jog or vigorous walking for


[ad_1] Is the rear bundle of deltas lagging behind in development? Stuart McRobert, famous bodybuilding guru, gives advice: do L-breeds Benefit exercises In bodybuilding, there are so-called «difficult» muscles to pump. Usually these include caviar,

Pullovers with dumbbells lying down

[ad_1] Dumbbell pullovers, according to many experts, are a great exercise to end your chest or back workout. Benefit exercises Pullovers with a dumbbell in hand are performed lying on a bench. This exercise, especially

Stretching exercises

[ad_1] Stretching is an essential part of a person’s physical fitness. With the help of stretching exercises, the ligaments and muscles become elastic, compacted and gain strength. Why stretch? Stretching is the most important link

Does stretching affect workout results?

[ad_1] Resolved a fairly long dispute of scientists about how stretching affects the results of training When stretching, the ligaments are stretched, the muscles are warmed up and tone up, the body is preparing for

Yoga and fitness

[ad_1] The means of rapid recovery of the body after fitness training has been found — this is yoga Why yoga? So, you are like a tightly stretched string: you train fanatically with weights, sit