Brands of the most comfortable shoes for women

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Clothing Gap

[ad_1] The Gap company today is one of the most famous global clothing manufacturers. Born in America, Gap embodies traditional values: quality, style, practicality. It is about the history of the development of the Gap

Francesco Donni — Italian quality and chic for every day

[ad_1] Italian Francesco Donni shoes, as well as clothes, are well-deservedly popular with men and women around the world. It differs in incredibly high quality, durability and wear resistance. In addition, the brand’s designers have

Bershka — brand history and review of fashion news

[ad_1] The Spanish brand Bershka positions itself as youthful, affordable and fashionable — clothing designers are focused on young people who are well versed in fashion trends, appreciate a stylish look and comfort in everyday

Maniacello beauty salon opened

[ad_1] June 25 in the social life of Kyiv was marked by the official opening of the Maniacello premium class beauty salon — a magical place where everyone is obsessed with beauty! Throughout the day,

What cosmetics to take on vacation

[ad_1] What cosmetics to take on vacation Women’s magazine Liza — a women’s site for a modern woman Lisa is an online magazine for successful girls. You have questions — we will give answers to

Taking care of your health throughout the day

[ad_1] Everyone wants to start a new life. Sooner or later, dissatisfaction with life appears in our head. I want to change everything: from appearance to lifestyle. Often this is due to health problems, dissatisfaction