Dead Sea Products

[ad_1] Dead Sea water hard to call just water! For thousands of years, groundwater, numerous thermal springs, mountain streams and the Jordan River carried salts and minerals washed out from rocks, sand and soil into

Secrets of a beautiful tan: skin care

[ad_1] Beach season is in full swing. Therefore, the question of how to protect the skin from dryness and flaking and acquire a persistent beautiful tan is relevant. Very often, getting to the beach, many

Psammotherapy — sand treatment

[ad_1] You can spend time on the beach lying on the hot sand not only for pleasure, but also to improve your health with the help of the psammotherapy procedure. Psammotherapy — (from Latin psammos

Holy Land cosmetics

[ad_1] The best cosmetics, as you know, at all times were considered cosmetics produced in the territory of the State of Israel. It is this area, which is famous for its extraordinary climate, which allows

Healthy choice: home electronics. Part 2

[ad_1] The mobile phone has become indispensable in just ten years, but the question of its impact on our health is still open … Mobile phone The first mobile phones appeared in the early 80s,