Slimming program from Tentorium

[ad_1] The weight loss program with dragee-balm «Api-Elitei» is designed for 3 weeks, Tentorium offers 3 options: BREAKFAST — according to modern scientific concepts, it is the most important meal for a person — it

Taking care of your health throughout the day

[ad_1] Everyone wants to start a new life. Sooner or later, dissatisfaction with life appears in our head. I want to change everything: from appearance to lifestyle. Often this is due to health problems, dissatisfaction

Bent over barbell row with reverse grip

[ad_1] The Reverse Bent Over Row is an excellent second-tempo exercise for pumping up the muscles in the middle and upper back. Benefit exercises Reverse grip barbell row in bodybuilding and fitness is performed for

Question answer. Skin and nutrition. Part 2

[ad_1] What can I do to remove or reduce stretch marks and prevent them from reappearing? Answer: You need a supplement of 15 mg of zinc every day and a guaranteed good intake of essential

Thalassotherapy — closer to the sea!

[ad_1] Summertime, like no other, involves familiarity with the fashionable term «thalassotherapy». After all, this practice means direct contact with the sea. Thalassotherapy has been used to treat various diseases and improve beauty for a

Heliotherapy — the sun is good

[ad_1] During the summer days, it’s time to learn more about heliotherapy, the practice of sun healing, and use the warm rays to maintain health and get rid of ailments. The miraculous properties of sunlight

Front dumbbell raises

[ad_1] Dumbbell front raises are used in bodybuilding as an isolating exercise for shoulder development. Benefit exercises Dumbbell front raises are considered isolation exercises in bodybuilding and fitness. The main purpose of this exercise is

Sunscreens. Part 3

[ad_1] Sun protection is only possible in a few basic ways. We invite you to get to know each of them in more detail. How to protect your skin from the sun? There are three