Clothing Gap

[ad_1] The Gap company today is one of the most famous global clothing manufacturers. Born in America, Gap embodies traditional values: quality, style, practicality. It is about the history of the development of the Gap

bee venom

[ad_1] bee venom — a product of the secretory activity of the poisonous glands of honey bees and queen bees. Bee venom has a complex chemical composition. It contains protein substances (including enzymes), lipids, biogenic

13 beauty secrets of Eastern women

[ad_1] These women with strong thick hair, sable eyebrows and even matte skin — how do they manage to look so good? It seems that they all own some great beauty secret, thanks to which

Getting older doesn’t mean getting old

[ad_1] September 24, 2014, 18:00 The famous Coco Chanel said: «Every woman has the age she deserves.» How to learn not to be sad on your birthday and look in the mirror without regret? And

Taking care of your health throughout the day

[ad_1] Everyone wants to start a new life. Sooner or later, dissatisfaction with life appears in our head. I want to change everything: from appearance to lifestyle. Often this is due to health problems, dissatisfaction