Excess weight

[ad_1] No matter how hard we try to avoid dissatisfaction with ourselves, sooner or later we will have to face the truth. For many people, being overweight is a big problem. Women are especially sensitive

Summer Beauty Secrets

[ad_1] Any woman can look young and fit at any age. Take care of yourself every day and your efforts will be rewarded! 1. Hand care Photo: Burda-media Make it a rule: in the morning,

Sedentary work, lifestyle

[ad_1] Sedentary work is much more dangerous than previously thought. This conclusion, according to Washington ProFile, came from researchers from the University of Missouri. They analyzed the processes that take place in the organisms of

There’s a lot to learn

[ad_1] The modern pace of life combines seemingly incompatible things. At a fast pace, we still manage to lead a sedentary lifestyle, spend few calories and eat food with an excess of calories. From this

cellulite factors. cellulite in men

[ad_1] There are several factors that contribute to the formation of a tissue called cellulite. Let’s give them the name «key factors». They will be discussed below. Key Factors in Cellulite Formation The structure of

Hardening: thermal effect on the human body

[ad_1] Sauna and bath — a place where you can not only relax and unwind, but also, thanks to the thermal effect, significantly improve your health The effect of heat on the human body Heat,

SPA treatments

[ad_1] SPA procedures have a beneficial effect on the whole body as a whole — vitality and efficiency increase, appearance and mood improve, gait becomes lighter At present, it is difficult to imagine a serious

Body Types

[ad_1] Almost every person at least once in his life came to the idea of ​​​​the imperfection of his figure and the desire to change it. It has long been noted that similar effects affect

Stretching after prolonged sitting

[ad_1] This set of stretching exercises is a great way to stretch your muscles and normalize blood circulation in motionless parts of the body. A sitting position does not have the best effect on your