English clothing brands

[ad_1] England is famous not only for its specific humor, rock and the legendary queen, but also for a certain style of clothing, which at all times remains the standard of sophistication and aristocracy. Here

Pinko — Italian quality and style for every taste

[ad_1] The ambitious company Pinko, created by the married couple Pietro Negra and Cristina Rubini, is the standard of style, high quality, fashionable and practical clothing. This season, the trends of their bright collections are

Dead Sea Products

[ad_1] Dead Sea water hard to call just water! For thousands of years, groundwater, numerous thermal springs, mountain streams and the Jordan River carried salts and minerals washed out from rocks, sand and soil into

Encyclopedia of Dance: Contact Improvisation

[ad_1] Contact improvisation is an opportunity to feel the mood of a partner. Deep penetration into each other’s feelings allows you to create real masterpieces on stage Contact improvisation is a type of choreography in

Mud treatment — get dirty to your health!

[ad_1] Mud therapy is one of the most useful and effective natural therapies. So go treat ailments and adjust your appearance to the mud resorts Therapeutic mud has long been sold in cosmetic stores, which

Dance Encyclopedia: Salsa

[ad_1] Salsa is a groovy, passionate and incendiary «sauce» from the various rhythms of Latin America, to which it is simply impossible to remain indifferent Salsa dance has no clear definitions, frameworks or concepts —

Healthy choice: home electronics. Part 3

[ad_1] An indispensable microwave oven in the household, if we evaluate its impact on health, is the first kitchen appliance in terms of harmfulness Microwave Back in the 80s, studies by Soviet and foreign scientists

Encyclopedia of Dance: Flamenco

[ad_1] Temperamental, incendiary flamenco will not leave anyone indifferent. The legs themselves will move to the beat of passionate music, and the palms will tap out an expressive rhythm Flamenco culture was formed in the