Brands of the most comfortable shoes for women

[ad_1] For a harmonious completion of the image, it is important to carefully select all the details. Brands of the most comfortable shoes for women will help to cope with the task. Styles are designed

Birkenstock is a fashionable German footwear brand.

[ad_1] A well-known German company that manufactures orthopedic shoes is Birkenstock. The full name of the company is Birkenstock Orthopaedie GmbH & Co. The assortment is extremely diverse, products are offered both in winter or

The use of dietary supplements in geriatrics

[ad_1] Due to the decrease in mortality in developed countries over the past three decades, the number of elderly people has increased by about 1/3. The most common at the age of 65-80 years are

The use of dietary supplements in diabetes

[ad_1] The applied aspect of nutrition in endocrine pathology includes, firstly, the optimal and controlled replenishment of the deficiency of nutrients and biologically active substances of food components necessary for tissue structures, hormones and enzyme

Encyclopedia of Food Ingredients

[ad_1] What does the term «food supplement» mean? There are several definitions of a food additive. A food additive is a substance or mixture of substances that is added to foods during the manufacturing process


[ad_1] To achieve the maximum effect in correcting certain health disorders in each case, it is recommended to draw up individual health programs. Their approximate scheme: 1. Dragee (1-2 types are enough). 2. Honey compositions.

Vitamin B6

[ad_1] Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) Why is it needed? Vitamin B6 performs a variety of tasks, the main of which is to ensure the exchange of amino acids — those «building blocks» from which proteins are