Clothing Gap

[ad_1] The Gap company today is one of the most famous global clothing manufacturers. Born in America, Gap embodies traditional values: quality, style, practicality. It is about the history of the development of the Gap

Clothing ASOS

[ad_1] ASOS is a British democratic brand that produces women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, shoes and accessories. Clothing of this brand is distinguished by practicality, versatility, and style variety. ASOS new collection The autumn-winter collection

Vitamin B9

[ad_1] Many people, even those far from medicine and biology, know about the role of nucleic acids in the transmission of hereditary traits. The blue eyes of a child, a touching mole that appears with

Health of the future generation

[ad_1] In the last few decades, the ecology of the environment has suffered significant violations, which immediately affected human health. It is not necessary to list all the effects in their variety of similar changes,

Vitamin PP

[ad_1] The history of the vitamin: Nicotinic acid has been known for a long time: back in 1866, it was obtained by the German chemist Hubert by oxidizing nicotine isolated from tobacco. But until the

Vitamin B12

[ad_1] Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) Why is it needed? Vitamin B12 is directly involved in the utilization and excretion of the end products of the metabolism of a number of compounds from the body. Violation of

Vitamin B1

[ad_1] Vitamin B1 (thiamine) In 1897, the Dutch doctor Eikman found that the beriberi disease, which is widespread in the «rice» countries, is associated with the traditional food for these places, which is based on