Birkenstock is a fashionable German footwear brand.

[ad_1] A well-known German company that manufactures orthopedic shoes is Birkenstock. The full name of the company is Birkenstock Orthopaedie GmbH & Co. The assortment is extremely diverse, products are offered both in winter or

Vitamin B9

[ad_1] Many people, even those far from medicine and biology, know about the role of nucleic acids in the transmission of hereditary traits. The blue eyes of a child, a touching mole that appears with

bee venom

[ad_1] bee venom — a product of the secretory activity of the poisonous glands of honey bees and queen bees. Bee venom has a complex chemical composition. It contains protein substances (including enzymes), lipids, biogenic

A wide range of Christina

[ad_1] Like most brands, Christina cosmetics strives to cover the entire range of cosmetic types to take care of your health twenty-four hours a day. After all, Christina cosmetics is not positioned simply as a

Tell me my mirror light

[ad_1] To be beautiful, to have healthy and beautiful skin, ideal proportions of the body, shining hair — every modern person of any age strives for this. And no wonder, because it was appearance that

Vera in Aloe

[ad_1] People have known about the healing properties of aloe since time immemorial. But only in our time, thanks to modern technology, have they learned to get the most out of it — to produce