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[ad_1] The modern pace of life combines seemingly incompatible things. At a fast pace, we still manage to lead a sedentary lifestyle, spend few calories and eat food with an excess of calories. From this

Bent over barbell row with reverse grip

[ad_1] The Reverse Bent Over Row is an excellent second-tempo exercise for pumping up the muscles in the middle and upper back. Benefit exercises Reverse grip barbell row in bodybuilding and fitness is performed for

Twisting on the upper block

[ad_1] Twisting on the upper block is one of the basic exercises for the development of abdominal muscles, and has a number of advantages compared to other twisting options. Benefit exercises Twisting on the upper

Front dumbbell raises

[ad_1] Dumbbell front raises are used in bodybuilding as an isolating exercise for shoulder development. Benefit exercises Dumbbell front raises are considered isolation exercises in bodybuilding and fitness. The main purpose of this exercise is

Breeding dumbbells on an incline bench

[ad_1] Breeding dumbbells performed on an inclined bench allows you to shift the emphasis of the load on the top of the pectoral muscles Benefit exercises Breeding or «wiring» dumbbells does not apply to mass-gathering

Encyclopedia of Dance: Contempo

[ad_1] Contempo is often called the dance of the soul. And no wonder, because it is this direction of choreography that allows not only to perform dance steps, but also to “speak” with the help

Incline dumbbell row

[ad_1] Due to the development of each half of the back separately, performing a dumbbell row in an incline will achieve a symmetrical development of the back muscles. Benefit exercises The bent over dumbbell row

Encyclopedia of dance: Hopak

[ad_1] Hopak contains the whole Ukrainian soul. This dance is the hallmark of Ukrainian folk art. He was repeatedly applauded by the audience in many countries of the world. History of occurrence The history of

Stretching for martial arts

[ad_1] Stretching to develop muscle flexibility is an important condition for practicing almost any kind of martial arts. In addition to developing flexibility, stretching helps to prepare the muscles for the upcoming physical activity, reducing