Juicy Couture Suits

[ad_1] Juicy Couture is one of America’s most popular brands. It offers a line of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, as well as watches, shoes, accessories and clothes for dogs. The products of this brand


[ad_1] For Spring/Summer 2013, Bluemarine has unveiled a new playful lookbook of stylish and trendy womenswear. Romantic and delicate models of summer dresses and sundresses made of airy and light fabrics in bright floral prints


[ad_1] Elegance, thin silhouettes and clear lines, refined minimalism — all this is about Caractere clothes and accessories. The fashion designers of this brand celebrated the spring-summer season of 2013 with a new collection, which

Clothing ASOS

[ad_1] ASOS is a British democratic brand that produces women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, shoes and accessories. Clothing of this brand is distinguished by practicality, versatility, and style variety. ASOS new collection The autumn-winter collection

Marc&Andre — fashion clothes from the French brand

[ad_1] In anticipation of the summer season, every fashionista thinks about purchasing a new swimsuit and updating her beach wardrobe, which will be distinguished by originality, stylish design and help create a bright, memorable image.

Branded clothing for obese women

[ad_1] Foreign brands began to focus on plus size women. You will no longer meet models that are bulky hoodies, shapeless grandmother’s dresses or ugly robes. Branded clothing for obese women is characterized by a

Features of VITAMAX-XXI CENTURY products (part 2)

[ad_1] High Quality Calcium Complex: • is a supplement that promotes excellent absorption of calcium, unlike commercially available analogues, which are only 9-13% absorbed in the body. • Calcium complex from VITAMAX is balanced with

Thalgo professional cosmetics

[ad_1] Cosmetics Thalgo has been on the market for over forty years. The company exists to create quality cosmetic products and uses the riches of the ocean to do this. The accumulated experience of Thalgo

Thalgo is a leader in marine cosmetics

[ad_1] It seems that sea products, such as minerals, algae and salts, have been used in modern cosmetology not so long ago. But their miraculous and healing properties were already known in ancient Egypt, and