Encyclopedia of Dance: Mambo

[ad_1] The madness of human passions permeates the temperamental and sensual mambo. Cuba can rightfully be proud of its melodies and rhythms. Rumba and cha-cha-cha, salsa and mambo celebrate this charming, sunny island The word

Dance Encyclopedia: Bolero

[ad_1] Speaking of bolero, you can mean two different dances that have the same name. In the first case, this is a Spanish dance, performed in restrained rhythms, but at the same time full of

Encyclopedia of Dance: Zouk

[ad_1] Zuk is a dance of different styles, closely related to the music of the same name, but differing in performance depending on the place of its distribution. «Party», «festival» — this is how the

Encyclopedia of Dance: Paso Doble (Paso Doble)

[ad_1] Life is a fight. The paso doble dance is about that. Proud and temperamental Spaniards believed that only the victorious bullfighter is worthy of life, worthy of success, worthy of love. Paso doble (more

Encyclopedia of Dance: Merengue

[ad_1] Expressive merengue music will not let you stand still. The incendiary dance provokes and beckons, calls to join the temperamental and sensual pas. Merengue is an extremely popular dance in Latin America. His homeland

Encyclopedia of Dance: Charleston

[ad_1] The Charleston is a fast and energetic dance, characterized by ease and relaxation, gushing joy and slight playfulness. Despite the scandalous reputation, at the beginning of the last century Charleston became the king of