5 quick care secrets

[ad_1] February 11, 2016, 00:47 Self-care is a must for every successful woman. But in the modern pace of life, it is difficult to find time for yourself. But this is necessary for happiness and

13 beauty secrets of Eastern women

[ad_1] These women with strong thick hair, sable eyebrows and even matte skin — how do they manage to look so good? It seems that they all own some great beauty secret, thanks to which

Reading the label: live or bio

[ad_1] Advertisements talk about the incredible health benefits of products labeled «live» or «bio» on product labels. But is it really so? «Alive» and «Bio» On food, these labels actually carry little meaning. Such yogurts

Nutrition for healthy nails

[ad_1] If your nails cannot please with beauty and health, have begun to exfoliate or break, slowly grow, turn yellow, it’s time to think about what you eat Healthy nails are light, dense, fast-growing nails.

Natural remedies for strengthening nails. Part 3

[ad_1] Among the ways to strengthen nails, one of the most convenient, quick and effective is the use of homemade ointments and compresses. If the nails began to break, crumble or exfoliate, they clearly need

Natural hair care products

[ad_1] Home hair care products have not lost their popularity, despite the huge range of products provided by cosmetic companies. What is the secret? Today, on the shelves of cosmetic stores and pharmacies, you can

Natural homemade masks for hair loss. Part 1

[ad_1] Natural homemade hair loss masks based on various products and herbs not only strengthen the roots, but also give beautiful shine and health to the curls. Many people in hair care prefer natural recipes