Branded clothing for obese women

[ad_1] Foreign brands began to focus on plus size women. You will no longer meet models that are bulky hoodies, shapeless grandmother’s dresses or ugly robes. Branded clothing for obese women is characterized by a

Sunscreens. Part 1

[ad_1] If you want to protect your skin from the sun’s cancer-causing UV rays, there are plenty of products to help you do just that. There are also products that make it possible to quickly

Sunscreens. Part 2

[ad_1] This article will discuss the positive and negative aspects of solar exposure to the skin. Skin cancer is the saddest consequence of prolonged sun exposure. But not all solar exposure is harmful, in general,

Sunscreens. Part 3

[ad_1] Sun protection is only possible in a few basic ways. We invite you to get to know each of them in more detail. How to protect your skin from the sun? There are three

Sunless tanning: hydroxyacetone

[ad_1] Sunless tanning is possible with the help of the chemical hydroxyacetone, which is the active ingredient in self-tanning creams. When food is cooked or exposed to enzymes, it acquires our beloved golden color, this

Skin lightening creams

[ad_1] Along with substances that create an artificial tan, there are those that allow you to make the skin lighter. One of the signs of aging are small melanin spots on the skin, which are


[ad_1] Liposomes are the active ingredient in many cosmetics and are used to “transport” cream ingredients to the deep layers of the skin. Collagen is the substance that makes our skin elastic. Mature and UV-damaged

The benefits and harms of a solarium

[ad_1] There is a lot of conflicting information about the benefits and harms of tanning beds. And to resolve all your doubts, we wrote an article about the pros and cons of the main source

Microbes under the microscope

[ad_1] We want to get rid of pathogens that invade our environment every day and make us sick, but do we need to kill all microorganisms? But it is possible that in a world completely