Lifting the bar for biceps with a reverse grip

[ad_1] Reverse bicep curls primarily target the forearms, increasing their mass and strength. Benefit exercises Lifting the bar with a reverse grip in bodybuilding is performed to emphasize the load on the brachioradialis muscle. The

Shrugs with a barbell behind your back

[ad_1] Shrugs with a barbell behind your back are a great exercise to improve your posture, and besides, their implementation prevents the development of «round» shoulders. Benefit exercises Shrugs with a barbell behind the back,

Oblique twists

[ad_1] Oblique crunches are one of the best exercises for developing oblique abdominal muscles and preventing injuries in the lumbar region. Benefit exercises In bodybuilding and fitness, oblique twists are performed to emphasize the load

Push-ups from the bench

[ad_1] Bench push-ups are one of the basic exercises for developing strength and mass of triceps. Benefit exercises Bench push-ups are an excellent exercise that primarily develops all three heads of the triceps, helping to

Breeding dumbbells on an incline bench

[ad_1] Breeding dumbbells performed on an inclined bench allows you to shift the emphasis of the load on the top of the pectoral muscles Benefit exercises Breeding or «wiring» dumbbells does not apply to mass-gathering

Overhead barbell press (military press)

[ad_1] The standing barbell press (or military press) is one of the best exercises for developing the shoulders and triceps and the overall explosive strength of the body. Benefit exercises The overhead barbell press is

Stretching for handball

[ad_1] A few minutes of stretching exercises will prepare your muscles for the load and reduce the likelihood of injury. Be sure to take 2-3 minutes to warm up your muscles before stretching. 1. Stretching

Wrist extensions

[ad_1] By performing wrist extensions, you can compensate for the imbalance in development between the flexors and extensors of the wrist. Benefit exercises Almost any exercise in the gym carries a certain load on the

Stretching the upper body with a towel

[ad_1] This set of exercises for stretching the upper body is performed exclusively with a towel. In fact, a towel is an excellent tool for performing various stretches of the arms, shoulder girdle, chest and