Thalgo cream is an essential ingredient in skin care

[ad_1] The largest leader worldwide in the field of marine cosmetology is considered cosmetics Thalgo, created by specialists in the fields of dermo- and phytopharmaceuticals, who studied the potential of the sea when creating their

Question answer. Ecological health. Part 3

[ad_1] What do you think about the dangers of fluoride? Answer: The debate as to whether fluorine is beneficial or dangerous has been raging since it was added to water in the UK in 1964

Question answer. Concentration of attention

[ad_1] What foods improve concentration? Answer: Eggs and fish. But they must be correct. Carnivorous, oily or fatty — no matter what you call it, fish: herring, wild or organic salmon, mackerel and trout contain

cellulite factors. cellulite in men

[ad_1] There are several factors that contribute to the formation of a tissue called cellulite. Let’s give them the name «key factors». They will be discussed below. Key Factors in Cellulite Formation The structure of

How to read labels. Part 2

[ad_1] Not always simple and obvious phrases written on the label should be taken literally, since in reality this may be an advertising ploy of the manufacturer Fat Free Information In the past, you’ve probably

How to Read Labels: Frequently Asked Questions

[ad_1] Thousands of questions arise from a person who decides to «decipher» the information on the label, so we decided to help by answering the most common of them. Question: Why do some manufacturers’ «reduced

Cutrin — beauty born of nature

[ad_1] Kutrin is not only excellent hair cosmetics, which has been appreciated by millions of users. This is a special philosophy based on the belief that we remain children of nature, therefore we must receive

Reading the Label: Nutritional Additives in Organic Foods

[ad_1] Not all additives allowed for use in conventional foods are allowed in organic food production. Do organic foods contain nutritional supplements? In the production of organic products, many food additives that may be harmful