In a clean body, a pure spirit

[ad_1] Compliance with the standards of cleanliness and hygiene is an essential requirement for the quality of life of a modern person. And our health and well-being primarily depend on how clean and safe the

5 beauty tips from antiquity

[ad_1] December 24, 2015, 00:49 Beauties of all times knew how to look beautiful. From antiquity, beauty products have come down to us that are relevant to this day. Try to use these tips —

13 beauty secrets of Eastern women

[ad_1] These women with strong thick hair, sable eyebrows and even matte skin — how do they manage to look so good? It seems that they all own some great beauty secret, thanks to which

Vitamin PP

[ad_1] The history of the vitamin: Nicotinic acid has been known for a long time: back in 1866, it was obtained by the German chemist Hubert by oxidizing nicotine isolated from tobacco. But until the

Dead Sea Products

[ad_1] Dead Sea water hard to call just water! For thousands of years, groundwater, numerous thermal springs, mountain streams and the Jordan River carried salts and minerals washed out from rocks, sand and soil into


[ad_1] Propolis is a resinous fragrant natural substance. Sometimes it is called glue, bond, balm, resin. It has a bitter, spicy-cooling taste, sticky to the touch. And its source is the resinous substances of various

Do no harm on post

[ad_1] Lent is a period of serious testing not only of the spirit, but also of the body. To keep the body in shape will help the use of biologically active food supplements. More and