Jennifer’s clothes

[ad_1] Every young girl wants to look attractive and fashionable, but not everyone can afford to buy everything they want. But, contrary to popular belief, stylish and beautiful clothes do not have to be expensive.

Juicy Couture Suits

[ad_1] Juicy Couture is one of America’s most popular brands. It offers a line of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, as well as watches, shoes, accessories and clothes for dogs. The products of this brand

New Nike sneakers

[ad_1] Nike is trusted not only by sports fans, but also by professionals. And, of course, this manufacturer attracts its customers with novelties in which technologies become even higher. Sports sneakers «Nike» The company tries

Francesco Donni — Italian quality and chic for every day

[ad_1] Italian Francesco Donni shoes, as well as clothes, are well-deservedly popular with men and women around the world. It differs in incredibly high quality, durability and wear resistance. In addition, the brand’s designers have

Pinko — Italian quality and style for every taste

[ad_1] The ambitious company Pinko, created by the married couple Pietro Negra and Cristina Rubini, is the standard of style, high quality, fashionable and practical clothing. This season, the trends of their bright collections are

Dream of clear skin come true!

[ad_1] At 24, I have tried many different brands of complex skin care products. From about the age of 15, my facial skin became problematic: oily in the t-zone, dry on the cheeks, enlarged pores,

Body Scrub CHRISTINA (Christina)

[ad_1] The skin is the living shield of the human body. It is she who protects us from the negative, and sometimes aggressive influences of the outside world. Every day our skin is renewed —

The pursuit of beauty

[ad_1] At all times, women have strived for the beauty of the harmony of their appearance. Every woman dreams of becoming irresistible and that men «fall in piles» when they see her. A completely natural

What spoils our first date?

[ad_1] One of the most annoying dermatological problems, which affects three-quarters of all people between the ages of 12 and 25, is acne. In the people, this disease is also called «teenage acne», because most