Beautiful teeth — beautiful smile.

[ad_1] Smiling is a must for communication. It is a smile that disposes and helps to quickly establish positive communication between familiar people. And how often it helps in serious situations and improves mood! The

Menu for the perfect chin

[ad_1] A full face visually adds a couple of kilograms and the presence of a double chin plays an important role in this. Of course, there is no such diet that would only affect the

How to read labels. Part 1

[ad_1] In our information age, even a label can tell you almost everything about the product you are buying, you just need to be able to “read” its content. We ourselves know which products are

Natural masks for dry skin. Part 1

[ad_1] For dry skin, nature offers many options. Natural ingredients actively combat dryness and tightness of the skin of the face Masks based on fruits and berries for dry skin peach mask Step 1. Peel

Natural masks for dry skin. Part 2

[ad_1] Nature provides us with a huge selection of products for the care of dry skin. You just have to decide on the ingredients and enjoy the healthy look of your face. Clay masks for

Natural masks for oily skin. Part 1

[ad_1] Natural ingredients will not only help neutralize oily sheen, but also gradually “regulate” the work of the sebaceous glands, reducing the amount of oil on your skin. Did you know that when washing off

Natural masks for oily skin. Part 2

[ad_1] If there is extra shine on your skin, you do not need to immediately run to the beauty parlor. Natural masks for oily skin will save you Clay masks for oily skin White clay

Natural face masks for normal skin. Part 1

[ad_1] Do not think that if your skin does not bother you with excessive shine or dryness, then it does not need to be looked after. And nature itself will help you in care Masks

Natural face masks for normal skin. Part 2

[ad_1] You are lucky — your skin does not have significant flaws. But that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be taken care of. Clay masks for normal skin White clay mask No. 1 Step 1. Dilute