Vera in Aloe

[ad_1] People have known about the healing properties of aloe since time immemorial. But only in our time, thanks to modern technology, have they learned to get the most out of it — to produce

5 beauty tips from antiquity

[ad_1] December 24, 2015, 00:49 Beauties of all times knew how to look beautiful. From antiquity, beauty products have come down to us that are relevant to this day. Try to use these tips —


[ad_1] The female body functions differently at 20, 30 and 50 years old, and our need for vitamins varies depending on age. Sometimes we, obeying the needs of the body, intuitively change our diet. But

The use of dietary supplements in geriatrics

[ad_1] Due to the decrease in mortality in developed countries over the past three decades, the number of elderly people has increased by about 1/3. The most common at the age of 65-80 years are

A little more about Christina cosmetics

[ad_1] Israeli cosmetics «Christina» («Christina») for many years has been in high demand among women who want to look fresh and attractive. Christina Laboratories’ portfolio of over 200 products includes both professional lines for salon