Encyclopedia of Dance: Cha-cha-cha

[ad_1] Cha-cha-cha is a beautiful and expressive dance, where a special role is assigned to a woman. No wonder it is jokingly called the dance of coquettes. Cha-cha-cha is one of the most popular Latin

Encyclopedia of Dance: Samba

[ad_1] Samba is a colorful mixture of Negro and European rhythms, an incendiary, temperamental, and at the same time sensual dance, a hymn to love, youth and beauty Samba is now part of the Latin

Athletes need help with eating disorders

[ad_1] Athletes are more likely to need help with eating disorders than others, psychiatrists say According to psychiatrists, eating disorders are a serious problem for athletes, but often go unaddressed. A paper on this topic

Stretching while surfing

[ad_1] This set of stretching exercises is designed to prepare your muscles for the stress of surfing. 1. Exercise for stretching the shoulders, hands, wrists and fingers A brief description of the exercise: in a

Exercises for the abs

[ad_1] The following abdominal exercises will help you strengthen your abdominal muscles and will not harm your health. This set of exercises for the press consists of only 4 exercises: two basic (the first two)

Regular exercise lowers blood pressure

[ad_1] Keeping yourself in good physical shape, you maintain your health and prolong life, once again shown by research «Regular exercise and fitness activities significantly reduce the risk of hypertension (up to 42%), even in

Shea Butter

[ad_1] On the African continent, shea butter has been used for many years. In Egypt, even in the time of Cleopatra, long caravans were equipped with more than a dozen clay jugs, in which this

How to increase immunity?

[ad_1] A strong immune system is the basis of good health, but sometimes it takes some effort to strengthen it. For example, adjust your diet in such a way that the maximum of substances useful

Folk remedies for problem hair

[ad_1] Old proven recipes no worse than modern cosmetics will help you solve the most common problems of hair and scalp “What progress has been made! Until unseen miracles!” This phrase from the famous children’s