Stretching the muscles of the legs. Part 1

[ad_1] This set of stretching exercises for the muscles of the legs will help restore former mobility and develop the flexibility of the muscles of the lower body. Stretching the knees, quadriceps and ankle 1.

Stretching the muscles of the legs. Part 2

[ad_1] This is the second part of a set of exercises for stretching the muscles of the legs, hip joints and groin. Stretching the front of the hip belt This is a great exercise for

Stretching exercises

[ad_1] Stretching is an essential part of a person’s physical fitness. With the help of stretching exercises, the ligaments and muscles become elastic, compacted and gain strength. Why stretch? Stretching is the most important link

Where does fitness begin?

[ad_1] Decision made and… Where to begin? If you have not been involved in sports for a long time, start “entering” fitness training carefully and gradually, step by step. First of all, consult your doctor,

Proper breathing

[ad_1] To breathe or not to breathe, to breathe in or to breathe out, how long should the inhale be and how short should the exhale be? Inhale-exhale Many beginners in fitness (and even already