Encyclopedia of Dance: Tarantella

[ad_1] Fast, faster, even faster — this is the main principle of the performance of the tarantella. The frantic pace of the dance makes the performer give all the best, involving more and more new

Encyclopedia of Dance: Disco

[ad_1] Disco is a bright holiday that plunges you into a state of sweet love. A dance that gives a feeling of freedom and breaks away from everyday routine The dance and music style of

Encyclopedia of Dance: Mazurka

[ad_1] Mazurka — light and cheerful, lyrical and graceful — reflected the soul of the Polish people The chronicle of long-suffering and heroic Poland is contained in beautiful folk melodies and colorful dances. The aspirations,

Encyclopedia of Dance: Macarena

[ad_1] The perky Spanish Macarena conquered the whole world with her unpretentious movements and light, pleasant music, which makes you forget about problems and surrender to an exciting rhythm. Melody Macarena appeared in 1996, quickly

Encyclopedia of Dance: Hustle

[ad_1] With the advent of the hustle, there was no need for long dance training, because in order to demonstrate virtuosity at discos, it is enough to learn just a few basic dance moves. In

Encyclopedia of Dance: Bulba

[ad_1] The one who works well, the one who works well and has fun. After a hard day at work comes the realization of a job well done. The legs themselves ask to dance, and

Encyclopedia of Dance: Jock

[ad_1] The temperamental and fast movements of the “Jok” dance seem to be saturated with the energy of the southern Moldavian sun, permeated with the aroma of vineyards and flowering gardens. Dance «Zhok» (Mold. Joc)

Encyclopedia of dance: Kolomiyka

[ad_1] Cheerful, cheerful kolomiyka reflects all the musical, dance and song richness of the Carpathian region of Ukraine Kolomiyka (kolomyika) is a Ukrainian folk dance of the Carpathian region or short songs-refrains that accompany the

Encyclopedia of Dance: Cha-cha-cha

[ad_1] Cha-cha-cha is a beautiful and expressive dance, where a special role is assigned to a woman. No wonder it is jokingly called the dance of coquettes. Cha-cha-cha is one of the most popular Latin

Encyclopedia of Dance: Samba

[ad_1] Samba is a colorful mixture of Negro and European rhythms, an incendiary, temperamental, and at the same time sensual dance, a hymn to love, youth and beauty Samba is now part of the Latin