Encyclopedia of dance: Tap dance

[ad_1] Tap or tap dance is a lively and dynamic dance, the intricacy of which consists of rhythmic kicks on a hard surface to create sonorous fractional sounds. The purity and elegance of the tap

Encyclopedia of Dance: Belly Dance

[ad_1] Belly dance (belly dance) — feminine, full of flexibility, plasticity and sensual energy, conveying the entire spectrum of desires and moods of the dancer Waves of the hips and arms, graceful curves, “shaking” of

Encyclopedia of Dance: Ballet

[ad_1] Ballet is the art of spiritualized plasticity, thought embodied in movement, life shown by means of choreography. Ballet is a kind of art in which the creator’s idea is embodied by means of choreography.

Encyclopedia of Dance: Polka

[ad_1] Polka can truly be called an international dance. This cheerful and mischievous dance is danced all over Europe. And each nationality, having mastered the basics of Czech dance, introduced its own national features and

Cheerleading — dance sport

[ad_1] Gymnastics and dance, aerobics and acrobatics combined in a perky and lively cheerleading. Incendiary «chants» will spur the excitement of a sports team and lead it to victory Cheerleading is both a sport and

Encyclopedia of Dance: Gypsy girl with an exit

[ad_1] Watching the temperamental and incendiary gypsy dance, it is difficult to remain indifferent. The legs themselves ask to dance, and the hands move to the rhythm of the music Gypsy traditions have deeply penetrated

Dance Encyclopedia: Bolero

[ad_1] Speaking of bolero, you can mean two different dances that have the same name. In the first case, this is a Spanish dance, performed in restrained rhythms, but at the same time full of

Dance Encyclopedia: Polonaise

[ad_1] Polonaise is a dance that in the old days opened secular balls, thereby emphasizing the solemnity and ceremoniality of what is happening. Currently, the dance is performed as part of special celebrations and historical

Encyclopedia of dance: Go-Go (go-go)

[ad_1] Go-go or go-go is an entertaining dance of erotic content, in which undressing is not supposed. This is an improvisational dance, relaxed and energetic, designed to ignite people on the dance floor of nightclubs.

Encyclopedia of Dance: Zouk

[ad_1] Zuk is a dance of different styles, closely related to the music of the same name, but differing in performance depending on the place of its distribution. «Party», «festival» — this is how the