Encyclopedia of Dance: Lambada

[ad_1] In the turbulent eighties, lambada quickly broke into our lives and conquered the whole world. Like a hurricane, she swept over the whole earth The lambada musical style originated in the Brazilian state of

Encyclopedia of Dance: Modern

[ad_1] Modern is a dance that has broken free. Choreographers and dancers put emotions and feelings in the center of attention, and they sought to express them in the free flight of creative thought, not

Encyclopedia of Dance: Popping

[ad_1] Popping is a dance designed to create an illusion. Everyone can make their dreams and fantasies come true. You just need to be persistent and believe in yourself. Popping is a dance style based

Encyclopedia of Dance: Mambo

[ad_1] The madness of human passions permeates the temperamental and sensual mambo. Cuba can rightfully be proud of its melodies and rhythms. Rumba and cha-cha-cha, salsa and mambo celebrate this charming, sunny island The word

Encyclopedia of Dance: Hip Hop

[ad_1] Hip-hop is not just a music or dance direction. It is a way of life and a way of self-expression of the younger generation. Hip-hop is a dance and musical direction of youth culture.

Encyclopedia of Dance: Foxtrot

[ad_1] Foxtrot is a wonderful couple romantic dance, characterized by lightness and elegance, softness and freedom of movement, smoothness and maneuverability. Born at the beginning of the twentieth century, the foxtrot developed in two directions:

Encyclopedia of Dance: Crump

[ad_1] If the mood is bad, things are not going well, the injustice of life has become unbearable, patience has come to an end, and everything is “sick” — dance krump. This dance is designed

Encyclopedia of Dance: Street Dancing

[ad_1] Street dancing is an unusual mix of directions, born in a storm of emotions. At the junction of styles, the dancer’s desire to be different from others, new dance trends appear in the world

Encyclopedia of Dance: Viennese Waltz

[ad_1] The light and romantic Viennese waltz has long been a hallmark of proms and weddings. Years go by, fashion changes, but this dance is not afraid of time The unusually beautiful, graceful and elegant

Encyclopedia of Dance: Contact Improvisation

[ad_1] Contact improvisation is an opportunity to feel the mood of a partner. Deep penetration into each other’s feelings allows you to create real masterpieces on stage Contact improvisation is a type of choreography in