Fruits in sports nutrition

[ad_1] Without a diet, you won’t become embossed — everyone knows that. “As few calories and as little fat as possible” is the slogan of those who dream of elastic hips and a flat muscular

How to speed up metabolism?

[ad_1] Often the problem of losing weight lies precisely in the plane of metabolism or, in a scientific way, metabolism, and more precisely, it directly depends on its speed. What is metabolism? Any living organism


[ad_1] This dietary supplement, in addition to the fat-burning qualities that made it popular, has a number of other properties that are beneficial to the body. What is l-carnitine? L-carnitine (also known as levocarnitine, vitamin

Researchers study the risks of drinking energy drinks

[ad_1] American researchers studied the effect of energy drinks on the performance and health of athletes Popular energy drinks promise improved athletic performance and weight loss. But are these goals always achieved? «Of course not,»

Question answer. Sports nutrition. Part 1

[ad_1] What do you recommend to improve athletic performance? Answer: In addition to a lot of practice, there are two key requirements in sports — energy and concentration. Both are dependent on blood sugar balance.

Question answer. Sports nutrition. Part 2

[ad_1] What will help my muscles grow on a weightlifting program? Should I buy protein drinks? Answer: The notion, supported by many bodybuilders, that you have to consume tons of protein to build muscle is

Athletes need help with eating disorders

[ad_1] Athletes are more likely to need help with eating disorders than others, psychiatrists say According to psychiatrists, eating disorders are a serious problem for athletes, but often go unaddressed. A paper on this topic