Reverse hyperextensions

[ad_1] Reverse hyperextension is an exercise used in bodybuilding and fitness to work out the extensor muscles of the spine. Benefit exercises Unlike classical, reverse hyperextension has one undoubted advantage — including the same array

Breeding dumbbells in an incline

[ad_1] Performing dumbbell dilutions in an incline allows you to accentuate the load on the posterior bundle of the deltoid muscles Benefit exercises The rear bundle of deltas is traditionally considered the most difficult to

Hanging knee raises

[ad_1] Hanging leg raises are considered one of the most effective exercises for developing the lower abdominals. Benefit exercises Lifting the knees in the hang allows you to quickly and effectively load the most “problematic”

Wrist curls with barbell behind back

[ad_1] Bending the wrists behind the back is an exercise that allows you to work out the muscles of the forearms to the greatest extent. Benefit exercises The wrist curl behind the back is the

Stretching for bodybuilding

[ad_1] This set of exercises is designed specifically to prepare the muscles for the upcoming heavy loads. The approximate time for doing all stretches is about 7 minutes. And before doing it, warm up your

How to build shoulders

[ad_1] The question “how to build shoulders” was, is and will be relevant as long as broad shoulders are considered one of the main attributes of male strength and masculinity The answer to this question

We swing the muscles of the lower leg

[ad_1] And if the task of pumping up calves is unlikely to seem significant to a novice bodybuilder, then it will certainly arouse interest among his more experienced colleagues. Indeed, the lion’s share of those

Exercises for the abs

[ad_1] The following abdominal exercises will help you strengthen your abdominal muscles and will not harm your health. This set of exercises for the press consists of only 4 exercises: two basic (the first two)