Front Squats on the Smith Machine

[ad_1] Smith machine chest squats are used to maximize the load on the upper part of the quadriceps. Benefit exercises Squats with a barbell on the chest are considered basic exercises for developing leg muscles.

Lifting dumbbells overhead through the sides

[ad_1] Dumbbell side raises are an exercise that not only contributes to the overall development of the shoulders, but also improves the overall mobility of the shoulder joint. Benefit exercises Overhead dumbbell side raises are

Wrist extensions

[ad_1] By performing wrist extensions, you can compensate for the imbalance in development between the flexors and extensors of the wrist. Benefit exercises Almost any exercise in the gym carries a certain load on the

Twisting on the floor

[ad_1] Twisting on the floor is an excellent choice for those who, for some reason, cannot visit the gym, and do not want to miss a workout. Benefit exercises Twisting on the floor does not

Breeding dumbbells standing

[ad_1] Breeding dumbbells while standing is an exercise that is used in bodybuilding and fitness to emphasize the load on the middle deltas. Benefit exercises Breeding dumbbells while standing is an isolating exercise, the implementation

Seated dumbbell curls

[ad_1] Sitting dumbbell curls have an undoubted advantage — they exclude body tilts and due to this they specifically load the biceps Benefit exercises Seated dumbbell curls are one of the basic exercises for developing

Scott Bench Dumbbell Raises

[ad_1] Lifting dumbbells on the Scott bench is one of the basic exercises for working on the shape and relief of the hands. Benefit exercises Performing dumbbell lifts performed on the Scott bench allows you

Gym training: where to start? Part 1

[ad_1] Every year more and more people decide to go to the gym, as they begin to realize the benefits that a good physical shape promises them. Regular workouts in the gym can drastically change

Gym training: where to start? Part 2

[ad_1] What to pay close attention to when starting your workouts in the gym Safety A second of relaxation can lead to serious injury, so that this does not happen to you, you must adhere

Press knee raises

[ad_1] Knee raises in the simulator are the best exercise for developing the lower press at the initial stage of training Benefit exercises Knee raises are an exercise that allows you to emphasize the load