Rises on socks sitting

[ad_1] Seated calf raises are a great exercise for developing calf muscles. Benefit exercises In bodybuilding and fitness, this exercise, along with standing ups, is considered the main one for the full development of the

Oblique twists

[ad_1] Oblique crunches are one of the best exercises for developing oblique abdominal muscles and preventing injuries in the lumbar region. Benefit exercises In bodybuilding and fitness, oblique twists are performed to emphasize the load

Front dumbbell raises

[ad_1] Dumbbell front raises are used in bodybuilding as an isolating exercise for shoulder development. Benefit exercises Dumbbell front raises are considered isolation exercises in bodybuilding and fitness. The main purpose of this exercise is

Push-ups from the bench

[ad_1] Bench push-ups are one of the basic exercises for developing strength and mass of triceps. Benefit exercises Bench push-ups are an excellent exercise that primarily develops all three heads of the triceps, helping to

Twisting on a Roman chair

[ad_1] Roman chair crunches are a good choice if your goal is to work on the shape and relief of the abdominal muscles. The Roman chair is an infrequent guest in our fitness clubs and

Reverse crunches

[ad_1] Reverse twists are another version of twists, a feature of which is to emphasize the load on the muscles of the lower abdomen, as well as the hip flexors. Benefit exercises Reverse crunches are

Smith machine squats

[ad_1] The Smith machine squat is a great basic leg exercise and a safer alternative to the barbell squat. Benefit exercises Squats in the Smith simulator, of course, are inferior in the resulting effect on

Concentrated bicep curls

[ad_1] The concentrated biceps curl is considered the best exercise for isolating the head of the biceps. Benefit exercises The situation when the biceps seem to be there and not small, but their shape “somehow

Bench press from behind the head while standing

[ad_1] The bench press from behind the head in a standing position is rightfully considered one of the basic exercises for developing powerful shoulders. Benefit exercises The bench press from behind the head, performed both

Breeding dumbbells on an incline bench

[ad_1] Breeding dumbbells performed on an inclined bench allows you to shift the emphasis of the load on the top of the pectoral muscles Benefit exercises Breeding or «wiring» dumbbells does not apply to mass-gathering