hammer exercise

[ad_1] «Hammer» is an excellent auxiliary exercise aimed at developing the long head of the biceps, which leads to a noticeable thickening of this muscle. The benefits of exercise In bodybuilding, the “hammer” is used

Lifting the bar for biceps with a reverse grip

[ad_1] Reverse bicep curls primarily target the forearms, increasing their mass and strength. Benefit exercises Lifting the bar with a reverse grip in bodybuilding is performed to emphasize the load on the brachioradialis muscle. The

Bent over barbell row with reverse grip

[ad_1] The Reverse Bent Over Row is an excellent second-tempo exercise for pumping up the muscles in the middle and upper back. Benefit exercises Reverse grip barbell row in bodybuilding and fitness is performed for

Reverse vertical pull

[ad_1] The Reverse Pulldown (upright row) is a great exercise if your goal is a wide back. Benefit exercises Reverse or regular grip vertical rows, as well as wide grip pull-ups are all exercises that

Shrugs with a barbell

[ad_1] Shrugs with a barbell is a basic exercise used in bodybuilding primarily to pump up the muscles of the upper back and neck. Benefit exercises Barbell shrugs are a traditional bodybuilding and fitness exercise

Shrugs with a barbell behind your back

[ad_1] Shrugs with a barbell behind your back are a great exercise to improve your posture, and besides, their implementation prevents the development of «round» shoulders. Benefit exercises Shrugs with a barbell behind the back,

Deadlift on straight legs

[ad_1] The straight-legged deadlift is a variation of the classic deadlift and is performed with almost straight legs. Benefit exercises Deadlift on straight legs is a basic exercise in bodybuilding and fitness. Like other variations

Twisting on the upper block

[ad_1] Twisting on the upper block is one of the basic exercises for the development of abdominal muscles, and has a number of advantages compared to other twisting options. Benefit exercises Twisting on the upper