Stretching before playing football

[ad_1] The passion for football is not surprising, as are the injuries received during the game. Stretching before a game will reduce this risk. Before you start stretching, warm up your muscles and jog around

Stretching after playing football

[ad_1] Perform this set of stretches immediately after finishing a game of football, it will help restore tired muscles. It will take you only 3 minutes to complete all the exercises. 1. Calf stretch Brief

Stretching for tennis

[ad_1] Perform this set of exercises to stretch your muscles immediately before and after playing tennis. The approximate time to complete all the exercises below is 5 minutes. Before you start stretching, we recommend spending

Stretching while wrestling

[ad_1] Stretching will allow you to protect your muscles from sprains and injuries during wrestling Before you start stretching, spend 2-3 minutes on a light jog to warm up your muscles. 1. Stretching the trapezoid

Stretching while windsurfing

[ad_1] These stretches are designed to prepare your muscles for windsurfing. 1. Stretching the shoulders, arms and latissimus dorsi Brief description of the exercise: gently lean back until you feel a stretch in the outstretched

Stretching for volleyball

[ad_1] Stretching just before and after a game of volleyball will prepare your muscles for the game and improve their recovery after the game is over. Take 2-3 minutes to warm up your muscles before

Stretching for table tennis

[ad_1] Do These Stretches to Prepare Your Muscles for Table Tennis Walk for a few minutes just before stretching, this will help warm up your muscles. 1. Stretching the feet Brief description of the exercise:

Stretching while swimming

[ad_1] Do a mini stretch before your swim workout. This will prepare your muscles for the upcoming loads. Before stretching, spend 2-3 minutes walking and swinging your arms — this will warm up the muscles

Stretching while surfing

[ad_1] This set of stretching exercises is designed to prepare your muscles for the stress of surfing. 1. Exercise for stretching the shoulders, hands, wrists and fingers A brief description of the exercise: in a