Morning stretch

[ad_1] Start your day with this set of exercises to stretch and relax your muscles after sleep. These stretches are specifically designed to be done right after waking up and will prepare your body for

Stretching before bed

[ad_1] A special set of exercises for stretching before bed will help you relieve the tension accumulated during the day in the muscles and fall asleep soundly. The main goal of stretching before bed is

Stretching throughout the day

[ad_1] Just 10-15 minutes a day spent on these stretching exercises will allow you to get rid of accumulated tension and fatigue. The presented set of exercises can be performed at any time of the

Does stretching affect workout results?

[ad_1] Resolved a fairly long dispute of scientists about how stretching affects the results of training When stretching, the ligaments are stretched, the muscles are warmed up and tone up, the body is preparing for

Exercises for muscle pain in the lower back

[ad_1] This set of exercises is designed to relax the muscles of the back and thereby soothe muscle pain in the lower back. It will take you only about 6 minutes to complete all the

Stretching before hard work

[ad_1] How many domestic injuries could be avoided if you take a little time to stretch your muscles before lifting weights This set of stretches will not take you much time, but will allow you

Stretching for the elderly

[ad_1] Years for stretching are by no means a hindrance, but its benefits are obvious at any, and even the most advanced age. As we age, our muscles become more and more stiff and lose

Stretching before working at their summer cottage

[ad_1] Perform this set of stretching exercises before any work in the country, in the garden or in the garden. Stretching will allow you to relax your muscles before work, which will make them more

Stretching after prolonged sitting

[ad_1] This set of stretching exercises is a great way to stretch your muscles and normalize blood circulation in motionless parts of the body. A sitting position does not have the best effect on your