Essential oil of rosemary

[ad_1] The warm, vibrant and long-lasting aroma of rosemary essential oil promotes clear thinking, improved memory and concentration — which is why many students, clerks and scientists love it. Description Rosemary essential oil is produced

Almond oil

[ad_1] This favorite cosmetic product of recognized beauties — Queen Cleopatra and Josephine — has a lot of advantages: almond oil not only prolongs youth and beauty, but is also useful for atherosclerosis, ulcers and

Camphor oil

[ad_1] It is believed that they were the first to learn how to extract and use camphor oil for medicinal purposes in India, because the very name of the compound comes from the Sanskrit word

thuja essential oil

[ad_1] The warm and resinous aroma of thuja essential oil tones the entire body and, like a hand, relieves fatigue and irritability. This remedy is also effective in many inflammatory and congestive processes in the

patchouli essential oil

[ad_1] The freedom-loving 60s in the West were called the era of “the power of flowers” ​​and it smelled in a special way: the spirit of jasmine, sandalwood and, of course, patchouli was mixed with

anise oil

[ad_1] Anise oil perfectly “cleanses” the respiratory organs and improves many functions of the digestive system. And due to its interesting taste — both sweet and burning — this remedy, in addition to medicine, is

Shea Butter

[ad_1] On the African continent, shea butter has been used for many years. In Egypt, even in the time of Cleopatra, long caravans were equipped with more than a dozen clay jugs, in which this

Argan oil

[ad_1] In terms of value, argon oil can be compared with rare fossils, and in terms of cost — with truffles, black caviar or oysters. This natural source of youth, health and beauty is used

Peach oil

[ad_1] Peach oil is a very high-calorie product, so it is not recommended for people who are obese and prone to rapid weight gain. Description Peach oil is a light yellow liquid with a mild