Facial exercises for the eyelids

[ad_1] This set of facial exercises for the eyelids is the easiest and most effective way to tone the muscles surrounding the eyes. Exercise 1 When performing this exercise, the motor muscle of the upper

Mimic exercises for the chin

[ad_1] Double chin is a frequent and unexpected «guest» on our face. And a simple set of facial exercises will help to avoid its appearance. Exercise 1 Regular performance of this exercise will literally transform

Mimic exercises for the mouth

[ad_1] This set of facial exercises will deprive you of anxiety about the appearance of wrinkles in the corners of the mouth and above the upper lip for a long time. Exercise 1 This exercise

Mimic exercises for sunken cheeks

[ad_1] The problem of sunken cheeks, regardless of the causes (weight loss or genetics), can be overcome with a simple set of facial exercises Exercise 1 (relaxation) This exercise is very individual, so before you

How to remove dark circles under the eyes

[ad_1] If the appearance of dark circles under the eyes is not associated with genetic characteristics, then you have a real opportunity to get rid of them. If the shadows under the eyes have a

Facial exercises for the nose

[ad_1] By performing facial exercises for the muscles of the nose, you can easily get rid of wrinkles in this area and, if necessary, you can even visually shorten it. Exercise 1 This exercise helps

Acne: myths and truth

[ad_1] If the problem of acne and pimples is relevant to you, then you must distinguish between myths and truth in the fight against them. Causes of acne Myth: Dirt is the main cause of

How to make beautiful eyebrows: a guide to action

[ad_1] Beautiful eyebrows of the correct form give a mysterious look and favorably emphasize facial features. We present you the basic rules for the care of eyebrows Even our grandmothers modeled the shape of the

Modeling the shape of the eyebrows

[ad_1] Modeling a beautiful eyebrow shape is not an easy task. However, using some simple rules, you will cope with this task with a bang. The shape of the eyebrows can change not only the

Skin care

[ad_1] The skin is the largest organ in the human body. And not only beauty, but also the health of the whole organism depends on its condition. The skin is in a state of constant