Couperose: a «star» problem

[ad_1] Vascular «grids», «webs», «stars» — all these are the names of the disease rosacea. What is it and how to deal with it, we will describe in this article. What it is? Couperose is

Chemical peel for your skin

[ad_1] Chemical peels are a popular and relatively safe way to become younger and more beautiful. To understand what this procedure is, we will help in this article. What it is? This procedure is one

How to prevent skin aging

[ad_1] These simple facial treatments will not only help prevent early aging of the skin of the face, but also improve its health and appearance. Rejuvenating pats Even if you are still young, and your

Mimic exercises for the face

[ad_1] Aerobics, fitness, gymnastics… Which of the supporters of physical culture and sports was the first to take a revolutionary step from body to face is already unknown, but the idea has been recognized In

Mimic exercises for the eyes

[ad_1] The skin around the eyes is one of the main indicators of age. And by performing special exercises for the tone of the eye muscles, you can easily “throw off” a dozen years Exercise

Wrinkles and health

[ad_1] By wrinkles on the face, one can judge not only the character of a person, but also the diseases that he suffers from. What do wrinkles say? The more visible wrinkles, the more confident

Facial exercises for the forehead

[ad_1] Wrinkles on the forehead speak not so much of wisdom as of a person’s age. And simple and effective facial exercises will help to change this impression. Exercise 1 When performed regularly, this exercise

Yoga for the face

[ad_1] Yoga for the face is a set of simple and effective exercises aimed at maintaining facial muscles in good shape. Its popularity is quite natural: this system is not only beneficial for health and

Mimic exercises for facial skin

[ad_1] In just a few weeks, this set of facial exercises will help get rid of shallow wrinkles, tighten and tone the skin of the face. Exercise 1 This exercise improves the overall tone of