Myths about hair life in summer

[ad_1] In summer, hair needs extra attention, and although the basic rules of care have long been known, some popular tips for checking turn out to be myths. With the onset of the first sunny

Natural hair lightening

[ad_1] To prevent the bleaching of the strands from harming, use natural hair lightening recipes, and blond curls will delight you with their health. Chemical lightening of strands often leads to negative consequences — dryness,

Question answer. Hair and scalp

[ad_1] I always have dry hair. Could this be related to my diet? Answer: Your body works well — it prioritizes the distribution of essential nutrients in vital organs, supplying nutrients last to those organs

Hair proves link between stress and heart attack

[ad_1] The first reliable evidence of the relationship between chronic stress and the risk of heart attack is presented. Scientists at the University of Western Ontario, using biological markers, were able to prove that chronic

Natural hair care products

[ad_1] Home hair care products have not lost their popularity, despite the huge range of products provided by cosmetic companies. What is the secret? Today, on the shelves of cosmetic stores and pharmacies, you can

Natural homemade masks for hair loss. Part 1

[ad_1] Natural homemade hair loss masks based on various products and herbs not only strengthen the roots, but also give beautiful shine and health to the curls. Many people in hair care prefer natural recipes

Natural homemade masks for hair loss. Part 2

[ad_1] If the hair began to remain on the comb more and more often, then natural homemade masks for hair loss will help to strengthen the roots and give them strength. Natural homemade masks for