Shiny hair or baldness?

[ad_1] Shiny, beautiful, well-groomed hair has always been an adornment of its owner and a sign of health. But the conditions of our habitat (polluted ecology, stress, lack of vitamins, etc.) lead to the destruction


[ad_1] Biolamination is a fairly new service of beauty salons and hairdressers. So new that some hairdressers don’t even know about it. So what is biolamination? Technology A special composition of natural cellulose and proteins

Bio quilt

[ad_1] Hair biowave is another procedure that, thanks to the latest developments of chemists and technologists, is relatively harmless to hair and has already gained its popularity in beauty salons. Biowave. Technology Fundamentals How is

Elumination — color health of your hair

[ad_1] Do you dream of a new hair color, but are afraid of harmful coloring? Now there is something that will give your hair not only a chic shade and shine, but also health Elution

Hair extension

[ad_1] In the modern world, in order to «grow» hair, it is not necessary to spend years waiting. You will read everything about the hair extension service in this article. Long, thick, shiny hair. What

Anti aging hair gene

[ad_1] Identified by Japanese scientists from cosmetics company Kao Corporation The activity of the gene responsible for the strength and aging of hair is inversely proportional to the number of years lived. The discovery of

How to get rid of dandruff?

[ad_1] Everyone knows what dandruff is. But not everyone can answer the question “how to get rid of it”. But what to do if it occurs? In order to know how to deal with dandruff,

Botox for hair loss

[ad_1] Botox, a well-known wrinkle remedy, can also successfully fight baldness. Simon Ourian, a cosmetic surgeon from California, discovered this property of Botox quite by accident. With the help of the drug, he treated his

A new method of hair restoration is being developed

[ad_1] Under certain conditions, some skin cells can become stem cells and form hair follicles. American scientists after a series of experiments confirmed that in mice, some skin cells can turn into hair follicle cells,

How is hair loss related to heredity?

[ad_1] Scientists say that 90% of the predisposition to baldness depends on genetic factors. The influence of heredity on the predisposition to baldness has long been known, but recently scientists have found out some more