Antimicrobials: ozone

[ad_1] Ozone not only protects the Earth from the harmful effects of sunlight, but it itself is destructive to living organisms, not only for microbes, but also for people. Today, ozone is used in areas

Shower room antimicrobials

[ad_1] The secret of shower cleaners is to increase the solubility of water Many modern people spend more time in the bathroom than in the kitchen, which is why the product we are talking about

Cleanliness against health — the harm of bleach

[ad_1] The harmful effects of chlorine in tap water often negate the benefits of hygiene, causing allergies, inflammation and other health problems. Every day, while taking a shower, washing, washing our hair, we arrange stress

Rules of intimate hygiene for women. Part 1

[ad_1] Intimate hygiene of a woman is an important attribute of daily personal care. The right approach will help you not only stay fresh, but also avoid many ailments. Unfortunately, in the countries of the

Rules of intimate hygiene for women. Part 2

[ad_1] Do hygiene products really help to keep clean and fresh? How to behave during critical days? You will read about all this in this article. hygiene products Continuing the theme of the basic rules

Healthy choice: energy-saving lamps. Part 1

[ad_1] In recent years, energy-saving lamps have become widespread and have caused a heated discussion about their impact on health. Almost everyone has heard about energy-saving lamps. At the International Summit in Cancun, the UN

Healthy choice: energy-saving lamps. Part 2

[ad_1] What you should pay attention to so that the use of fluorescent lamps is long and comfortable, read in this article We wrote about the benefits and possible dangers and potential health hazards of

Floating — harmony in relaxation

[ad_1] If you want to experience complete relaxation, both physically and psychologically, welcome to the floating procedure. Is your body asking for rest? The body is tired, and the psycho-emotional state leaves much to be

How to increase immunity?

[ad_1] A strong immune system is the basis of good health, but sometimes it takes some effort to strengthen it. For example, adjust your diet in such a way that the maximum of substances useful