Thalassotherapy — closer to the sea!

[ad_1] Summertime, like no other, involves familiarity with the fashionable term «thalassotherapy». After all, this practice means direct contact with the sea. Thalassotherapy has been used to treat various diseases and improve beauty for a

Psammotherapy — sand treatment

[ad_1] You can spend time on the beach lying on the hot sand not only for pleasure, but also to improve your health with the help of the psammotherapy procedure. Psammotherapy — (from Latin psammos

Mud treatment — get dirty to your health!

[ad_1] Mud therapy is one of the most useful and effective natural therapies. So go treat ailments and adjust your appearance to the mud resorts Therapeutic mud has long been sold in cosmetic stores, which

Hippotherapy — riding to health!

[ad_1] Horse riding is not only a pleasant pastime, but also a way to cure many diseases and keep fit. Hippotherapy as a method of treatment began to be actively used at the beginning of

Heliotherapy — the sun is good

[ad_1] During the summer days, it’s time to learn more about heliotherapy, the practice of sun healing, and use the warm rays to maintain health and get rid of ailments. The miraculous properties of sunlight

Cryotherapy — cold for health

[ad_1] Cryotherapy stimulates metabolic processes and even allows you to cure some ailments, which makes it an effective way to put the body in order. The magical effect of cold on the human body has

Question answer. Ecological health. Part 1

[ad_1] I feel worse in the city. Is the level of pollution to blame? Answer: Maybe. City life in the 21st century puts enormous stress on the mind and body. While city life can be

Question answer. Ecological health. Part 2

[ad_1] What is your opinion on microwave cooking? Answer: This issue has been discussed for many decades, and now microwave ovens are actually banned in Russia. I’m going to state now categorically here: get rid

Question answer. Ecological health. Part 3

[ad_1] What do you think about the dangers of fluoride? Answer: The debate as to whether fluorine is beneficial or dangerous has been raging since it was added to water in the UK in 1964

Question answer. Concentration of attention

[ad_1] What foods improve concentration? Answer: Eggs and fish. But they must be correct. Carnivorous, oily or fatty — no matter what you call it, fish: herring, wild or organic salmon, mackerel and trout contain