Reading the Label: Functional Foods

[ad_1] It is believed that foods with the addition of vitamins and minerals (functional foods) improve health, but is it true? «Functional» products These days, it’s hard to find a breakfast cereal without added vitamins

Reading the Label: An Overview of Functional Foods. Part 3

[ad_1] This is the third part of a review looking at functional products on the market and their ingredients. «Energetic drinks SHORT DESCRIPTION Non-alcoholic sugar-containing drinks, carbonated and still, with the addition of additional substances:

Healthy sleep rules

[ad_1] Healthy sleep is a guarantee of well-being, activity, positive mood and beauty. By following the basic rules of sleep, you can easily provide yourself with all this. No matter how actively various sleep methods

Reading the label: nutritional supplements

[ad_1] One has only to mention the expression «food additives», and many will immediately imagine the unnatural bright orange colors of another sweet for children. However, the term «food additives» covers more than just coloring