Russian women’s clothing brands — top mass market names, luxury brands, designers of dresses, hoodies, t-shirts


Russian brands of women's clothing - top names in the luxury segment and the mass market

Fashionistas strive to create stylish bows with the help of well-chosen wardrobe items. Russian brands of women’s clothing will help to cope with the task. Certain brands specialize in the production of casual, evening wear, and lingerie.

Top Russian clothing brands

Designers have included actual wardrobe items in the collections. The recognition of fashionistas was won by the best Russian clothing brands:

  1. The UShatava brand will be appreciated by lovers of originality. Designers Alisa Ushakova and Nino Shamatava prefer original items, such as a stocking skirt or footer corset. The oversized trouser set is the epitome of both business and casual style.
  2. 12 Storeez will be a godsend if you want to create a capsule wardrobe. Items are designed to be easily combined with other items. Kits are formed mainly in sports or casual style.
  3. The Lichi brand creates bright and memorable things. The collections are replenished with both oversized products and feminine fitted models of dresses and jumpers. Organic additions are bags, hats and other accessories.
  4. Mirstores conducts bold experiments with the texture of things. Sweaters and knitted hats are reminiscent of handmade.

women's dress brandsthe best Russian clothing brandsfamous women's clothing brands

Russian clothing brands «mass market»

Girls want to look stylish during everyday city walks. Popular Russian mass market brands will help to achieve the desired effect:

  1. LIME offers wardrobe items suitable for every season. Fashionistas will be able to pick up trouser business or tracksuits, a trench coat for the fall of the original design. For the summer, a beach set consisting of cropped shorts and an oversized T-shirt will be a godsend.
  2. 2MOOD pays attention to the variety of designs. The collections include models in the boho style, daring leather goods, basic classic items. As an addition, the brand offers accessories in the form of a belt and sunglasses.
  3. TopTop offers items with original details and colours. An example is a dress with a fluffy openwork skirt or puffed sleeves. A separate, concisely designed line is designed for lovers of the classics.
  4. Amour is suitable for girls who want to be the center of attention. Tight-fitting leather trousers, stocking dresses are preferred.

top Russian clothing brandspopular Russian brandsRussian mass market clothing brands

Russian luxury brands

Fashionistas seeking to embody a unique style should pay attention to trademarks that produce exclusive items. Russian designer clothes are produced by the following luxury brands:

  1. My812 is characterized by a feminine and outrageous style at the same time. In the collections you can find silk dresses, complemented by a deep neckline on the back, jackets decorated with feathers, blouses with numerous flounces. The trademark is one of the Russian luxury brands of women’s clothing that make things by hand.
  2. The designers of the Forma trademark have adopted the tie-dye technique. Retro 80s-inspired jeans paired with a tiger-print mini skirt. The parties consist of several units, so fashionistas are given the opportunity to purchase an exclusive product.

Russian luxury brandsfashion Russian brandswomen's dress brands

Russian streetwear brands

Girls who want to create a youth urban look select the appropriate wardrobe items. Russian streetwear brands will help to cope with the task:

  1. Mother Russia is a young brand founded in 2013, but has already gained popularity. Things are decorated with catchy prints and provocative logos.
  2. Trailhead offers functional comfortable T-shirts, sweatshirts, made in discreet colors.
  3. SHU manufactures products in a minimalist style. These are cotton T-shirts, denim shirt jackets, bright raincoats and trench coats.
  4. Rogov makes unisex models. An example are long sleeves, hoodies, oversized jackets.

Russian sweatshirt brandsRussian streetwear brandsRussian streetwear brands

Russian sportswear brands

Girls who lead an active lifestyle prefer comfortable wardrobe items. Russian sports brands will help you choose the desired things:

  1. Love republic occupies a leading position, because it gives functional products feminine features. Sweatshirts, oversized bombers, knitted trousers or shorts, sweatshirts with zippers are made in pastel or bright colors.
  2. Sport Angel combines functionality and seductiveness. Girls are offered basic plain T-shirts that emphasize the figure of leggings or cycling shorts, mini shorts with a comfortable elasticated waistband, and straight-cut sports trousers.
  3. The Monochrome brand specializes in the production of oversized footer suits.
  4. YogaDress items will be appreciated by dance and yoga lovers. Companies offer sets consisting of tight-fitting leggings, tops or t-shirts.

Russian sportswear brandsRussian sports brandsRussian brands of youth clothing

Russian brands of evening dresses

When choosing outfits for a gala event or graduation, you should pay attention to certain companies. Solutions are offered by the most famous women’s clothing brands:

  1. Mollis surprises with a variety of choices from a basic midi dress to a model generously decorated with sequins or fringes.
  2. Fresh Dress Shop offers silk kimono styles with flared sleeves, retro-style products with puffy skirts.
  3. 12 Storeez belongs to the universal Russian brands characterized by laconic design. Girls will be able to pick up elegant dresses in a classic design.

Russian brands of evening dressesRussian brandsRussian dress brands

Classic women’s clothing brands

Traditional designs continue to be out of competition. Similar solutions are offered by women’s clothing brands:

  1. LaTrika favors feminine Chanel-inspired suits, consisting of a fitted jacket and pencil skirt. A trench coat in the spirit of Audrey Hepburn is in demand among fashionistas.
  2. Zarina dilutes classic shirts and straight-cut trousers with asymmetric jersey tops and dresses.
  3. The GATE31 trademark is characterized by a minimalistic style. The founder of the brand, Denis Shevchenko, is sure that simplicity is the epitome of elegance. For the design of things, the Scandinavian direction was chosen. The basic wardrobe can be made up with the help of dresses, jackets, T-shirts, jeans of a laconic cut.

classic womenswear brandswomen's clothing brandstop Russian clothing brands

Russian brands for pregnant women

Girls who are in an interesting position are busy choosing the right wardrobe. Russian brands of clothes for pregnant women will help to cope with the task:

  1. LYNA+ specializes in knitwear. Trouser sets, dresses, tops are presented to the attention of fashionistas.
  2. Iva Design equips light dresses with zippers, thanks to which the item will fit even later, during the breastfeeding period. Comfortable trousers made of eco-suede viscose deserve special attention.
  3. Loncq offers business and casual sets, lounge suits, lingerie, home items.
  4. WooLook will surprise you with a selection of knitted dresses, crop tops and cycling shorts, oversized sweaters.

Russian brands for pregnant womenRussian brands of clothing for pregnant womenthe best Russian clothing brands

Plus Size Women’s Clothing Brands

For owners of magnificent forms, comfortable wardrobe items have been developed. Russian plus size brands will help with the choice of things:

  1. Emka produces business trouser sets, romantic dresses with floral patterns, jackets, T-shirts.
  2. Free Age prefers a laconic cut and monochrome colors. A sheath dress or pleated trousers look understated elegant.
  3. Odevai presents both outfits suitable for everyday wear and evening dresses.
  4. Latrenda produces several lines, including wrap midi dresses, sportswear and home wear.
  5. Tribuna is suitable for choosing shapewear and swimwear.

plus size women's clothing brandsRussian brands plus sizeRussian mass market clothing brands

Lingerie brands

Individual brands specialize in certain things. These are the brands of women’s underwear:

  1. BelleYOU makes sets from natural fabrics that are pleasant to the body. Asymmetrical one-shoulder bra tops look extraordinary.
  2. Corporelle believes that the aesthetic of lingerie lies in simplicity. The brand creates models that are not overloaded with details and decor. Traditional panty and bra sets are diluted with silk tops with ties.
  3. LOVEGOODS offers beautiful products in a sporty or sexy style. Translucent or mesh tops look interesting.

women's underwear brands

Russian swimwear brands

With the onset of the beach season, fashionistas are busy updating their respective wardrobes. Brands of women’s swimwear will help to cope with the task:

  1. Deseo offers both plain and printed models. Leopard and floral patterns are common. One-piece swimsuits are decorated with original lacing in the deep neckline. In the plus size category, bras for large breasts are offered.
  2. LVG specializes in the manufacture of transformer models. Swimsuits are designed to be modified by experimenting with ties.
  3. Ocean will be a godsend for slender fashionistas who can choose the appropriate option among bikini styles, sets with bandeau bodices.
  4. Pache prefers monochrome and minimalism. The fused models are complemented by high side cutouts at the hips.

women's swimwear brandsRussian designer clothesRussian swimwear brands

Russian outerwear brands

Trademarks that produce things for the cool season are popular. These are Russian brands of women’s outerwear:

  1. Red Fox was founded by fans of mountaineering, which is reflected in the stylistic direction of the collections. Down jackets and coats are characterized by practicality and comfort to wear, withstand low temperatures.
  2. Asya Malbershtein offers classic woolen coats with a straight or fitted cut, daring shirt-jackets or leather jackets, light demi-season raincoats.
  3. AutoJack & LimoLady makes climate controlled jackets and down coats. The products are comfortable, regardless of being on a cold street or in a car. The advantage will be equipping with reflective elements and pockets for the phone.
  4. Ludanikishina offers models that can satisfy sophisticated tastes. These are demi-season trench coats and winter sheepskin coats made in soft pastel colors.

Russian brands of outerwear for womenRussian brandsRussian outerwear brands

Russian homewear brands

Girls can look spectacular not only during walks. Fashionable Russian brands producing home clothes will become a godsend:

  1. CORPORELLE offers cozy tops and shorts made from wool and silk blends.
  2. MY812 makes eye-catching silk robes, tank tops, shorts and bodysuits in lace cotton.
  3. TO BE WOMAN produces pajama sets from fine viscose, jacquard kimonos.
  4. BUREAU DE TRICOTI is one of the most popular Russian knitwear brands. Sets consisting of shorts and a T-shirt are made in a tight-fitting version.

Russian brands of knitwearwomen's clothing brandsRussian homewear brands

Russian sweatshirt brands

Admirers of sports and casual style will be able to choose the right wardrobe items. These are Russian youth clothing brands that produce sweatshirts:

  1. ZNY offers monochrome hoodies decorated with rhinestones, logos, original patches and prints.
  2. Bonaparte Store completed the sweatshirts with extraordinary details. The designer replaced the usual drawstrings on the hood with buttons.
  3. Je Fleur presents hoodies in bright colors, complemented by a signature flower pattern, as if depicted by a child’s hand.

Russian brands of youth clothingRussian sportswear brandsRussian sweatshirt brands

Russian brand of corsets

In modern fashion, wardrobe items made in linen style are relevant. The recognition of the girls was earned by the corset, which is made by Russian clothing brands for women:

  1. Aprelikova presents transparent, satin options. Unique tapestry models deserve special attention.
  2. Munique is characterized by a unique style, expressed in the addition of a corset bodice with cups in the form of shells.
  3. Rozie Corsets produce versatile models that are worn on their own or over blouses or shirts, dresses.

Russian brand of corsetsRussian clothing brands for women

Brands of women’s dresses

Lovers of femininity will appreciate brands specializing in romantic and elegant wardrobe items. These are Russian dress brands:

  1. Unique fabric prefers discreet and at the same time deep shades: graphite, walnut, wine, condensed milk tone. Dresses are common, complemented by wide straps like sundresses. Another solution is to equip with a voluminous collar decorated with ruffles.
  2. COCOS Moscow makes dresses from natural fabrics: cotton, wool, viscose blends. The collections include both a laconic “shirt” style and a feminine “combination” with thin straps.
  3. I am studio specializes in universal laconic models. Preference is given to sheath dresses in pastel shades.
  4. Charmstore caters to lingerie lovers with a choice of silk «slips» in vibrant colors.

famous women's clothing brandsRussian dress brands

Women’s t-shirt brands

In the summer season, a certain thing will become a basic wardrobe item. Russian T-shirt brands will help you choose the right option:

  1. O’stin — prefers monochrome or discreet addition with a floral print on the front of the item. Floral ornaments are a favorite technique of another brand — Incity.
  2. Oodji produces polo shirts with a distinctive button-down collar. Sela presents a similarly designed short model.
  3. Befree offers organic cotton options in vibrant colors.
  4. Gloria Jeans brings a unique style to life with a T-shirt embellished with abstract prints.
  5. Love Republic completes the piece with a racy, asymmetrical shoulder cutout.
  6. Zarina gives things an ombre effect.

women's t-shirt brandsrussian t-shirt brands

Women’s Jeans Brands

A popular piece of clothing is the basis of a casual look. For fashionistas, Russian brands of jeans will be a godsend:

  1. Gloria Jeans offers boyfriends, skinny tabernacles, vintage-inspired cuts.
  2. Zolla prefers direct classics, decorated in monochrome or complemented by scuffs, the “boiled” effect.
  3. Befree decorates jeans with original prints in the form of polka dots, stars, flowers.
  4. BESTIA decorates dark blue pants with embroidery.

women's jeans brandsRussian jeans brandsthe best Russian clothing brands


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