Russian clothing brands


Russian clothing brands

A modern person is so arranged that he is much more willing to buy a thing with a label in a foreign language than in Russian. For some reason, many consumers have a deeply entrenched belief in their minds that foreign clothing and footwear are much better than domestic ones. Perhaps there is some truth in this. But do not discount the fact that many Russian clothing brands take this into account and deliberately make their logos and slogans in English. This is such a kind of subtle marketing ploy aimed at increasing sales.

Interesting Facts

Here is a far from complete list of Russian women’s clothing brands that have successfully implemented this idea of ​​»masking» under foreign trademarks:

  1. Gloria Jeans and Gee Jay. The company was founded by an enterprising businessman from Rostov, all clothes are sewn mainly in this Russian city. The company is gaining serious momentum and is one of the leading Russian brands of youth clothing.
  2. Austin. Interestingly, this label belongs to the same owner, a native of Russia, who founded an equally popular company called Sportmaster. And sports, and youth, and things in casual style went with a bang. This clothing brand from Russia also feels great in the market.
  3. InCity. Founded in 2005 in Russia, this chain is in demand among many fashionistas. There you can buy stylish and inexpensive clothes in youth, office and glamorous style.

Secret of success

Of course, these well-known Russian brands of fashionable youth clothing owe their popularity not only to their foreign name. A wide range of models, convenient location of stores in large shopping centers, good value for money, discount card systems and regular promotions and discounts — that’s what makes them so attractive to customers.


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