Italian clothing brands — list


Italian clothing brands - list

Italian brands of women’s clothing are famous all over the world and often have a long history full of interesting facts and traditions. Here you will find a list that features Italian clothing brands that have become legendary.

The best Italian clothing brands

Brand names alone will not be enough, as you need to know the specialization and a brief description of the manufacturer. So, what famous Italian clothing brands has sunny Italy given to the world?

  1. Massimo Rebecchi. Makes clothes and accessories for women. The main attributes of the brand are a well-balanced cut, exclusive ornaments and the best fabrics. The collections are dominated by casual and office style.
  2. Laura Biagiotti. The designer specializes in the manufacture of exclusively «comfortable models». Her garments are soft, draped, and warm. The range includes sweaters, cardigans, woolen suits.
  3. Patrizia Pepe. It belongs to the most fashionable Italian clothing brands. The concept of the brand is to create clothes that will meet the requirements of a modern woman. Patricia Pepe’s collections are always original and do not include repetitive elements. Branded accessories are used to create a harmonious image.
  4. GAUDI. The brand specializes in tailoring exclusive premium denim clothing. The collections consist of several parts: GAUDI fashion — dressy items for social occasions and GAUDI jeans — skirts, jeans and basic knitwear.
  5. miu miu. This brand belongs to the fashion house Prada. It was created as an alternative to expensive brands, allowing you to dress fashionably and inexpensively. For tailoring, three main fabrics are used — satin, leather and thick cotton. The colors are the brightest.

This is not a complete list of Italian women’s clothing brands. Such brands as Miss Sixty, Mario Bruni, Marc Jacobs, Cristiani, FRANK WALDER, Fendi, Fabio Rusconi, ETRO, Giulia Jewels, Burberry and others have become no less famous.

Fashionable Italian clothing brands: characteristic features

Italian clothing has certain features that distinguish it from the clothing of other countries. Here, not only innovative tailoring technologies are used, but every centimeter of the line and every line of the silhouette is thoroughly worked out. Brands based in Italy decorate women’s clothing with branded logos on the outside or inside of the item, which is proof of the original quality.


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