Popular clothing brands — global, luxury and budget names, fat, maternity, sports and street style


Popular clothing brands - top names in casual and luxury wardrobe

Girls who follow fashion trends tend to pick up the latest wardrobe items. Popular clothing brands, represented by both budget and luxury options, will help to cope with the task. Things are made in a classic, casual, sports, street style.

Top clothing brands

Fashionistas who want to purchase high-quality branded items pay attention to trademarks that have won recognition from consumers. These are famous clothing brands for women:

  1. Benetton is a brand characterized by outrageousness. The effect is achieved through the use of bright colors. The company has developed a special technology to help make wool softer.
  2. Massimo Dutti is a Spanish brand with a conservative style. A separate line presents classic suits. Tight sexy skinny, outerwear and homemade pajama sets add variety to the collection.
  3. Mango is a Spanish brand that gives brightness to elegant things. Wardrobe items are played up with the help of a complex cut, shiny elements.
  4. H&M is a Swedish brand that makes both classic and youth clothes. The company develops clothes for obese and pregnant women. Particular attention is paid to products made from organic cotton.
  5. SELA — the company has adopted the concept of total look. In company stores, customers can get all the necessary things, from accessories to outerwear.
  6. New Yorker is a German brand specializing in the manufacture of budget everyday items. Preference is given to democratic casual style. In the collections you can find practical jeans, originally designed sweaters, shirts, hats.
  7. Bershka is a youth Spanish brand belonging to the mass market category. A significant part of the collections is reserved for denim items. Jackets, jumpers, trousers are presented in street style.

top clothing brandsfamous clothing brands for womenluxury clothing brands

World clothing brands

Girls prefer brands that have gained a reputation in the world market. These are famous clothing brands:

  1. O’stin offers colorful apparel suitable for casual outings, business and social occasions.
  2. Colin`s is a youth company of Turkish origin, specializing in the manufacture of jeans of various styles.
  3. Savage — the company produces outerwear in the form of light raincoats or insulated down jackets.
  4. Befree is a Russian brand that successfully combines casual and classic style when making things.
  5. Oasis — a British company has replenished its collections with feminine elegant dresses, casual jeans, clothing for outdoor activities.
  6. Gloria Jeans is a Russian brand specializing not only in jeans, but also in dresses, blouses, skirts and even underwear.
  7. Oodji will be a godsend for lovers of elegance and conciseness. Things are characterized by restrained style and neutral shades.

global clothing brandsfamous clothing brandspopular brands of women's clothing

Luxury clothing brands

Fashionistas who want to embody unique images select exclusive items. Luxury clothing brands will help to cope with the task:

  1. Gucci is an Italian fashion house that creates ultra-modern models. The collections offer items that represent a mix of vintage and modernity. Decorating with a company logo in the form of a repeatedly repeating letter «G» is welcome.
  2. Dolce & Gabbana is guided by originality when creating things. Products are generously decorated with floral prints, intricate plots. There are intricate details in the cut.
  3. Valentino focuses on femininity and sophistication in the manufacture of even everyday items. An example is a bomber jacket made of satin fabric, decorated with embroidery, a pleated skirt made of delicate silk.
  4. Burberry is remembered for its signature cellular print, consisting of red and black lines on a beige background. The pattern is used in the design of jackets, shirts, jackets, skirts.
  5. Fendi uses unique geometry to create feminine silk dresses. The recognition of fashionistas has earned leather and fur items.
  6. Prada will be a godsend if you want to create a capsule wardrobe. In the collections you can buy exclusive evening dresses made in the form of a combination, equipped with a smell, drapery.

luxury clothing brandsluxury clothing brandsluxury clothing brands

Budget clothing brands

If you want to get a stylish wardrobe at a low cost, you should pay attention to popular brands. These are inexpensive brands of women’s clothing:

  1. Zara is a Spanish company engaged in the production of feminine dresses, trousers, sweaters. A separate line includes oversized items made from knitwear.
  2. Next — the English brand pays attention to the development of both casual and sleepwear.
  3. Monki — Swedish brand is a combination of Scandinavian chic and Asian street style.
  4. Mexx is a Dutch company offering several fashion lines to the attention of fashionistas. These are sports wardrobe items suitable for active travel, products for obese women.
  5. Uniqlo is recognizable thanks to cashmere sweaters, practical jeans, thermal underwear.
  6. Gap — American brand prefers natural materials: cotton, denim, knitwear.

budget clothing brandswomen's clothing brandscheap clothing brands

Clothing brands for obese women

Lush forms can be adjusted with the help of well-chosen things. Clothing brands for women will help:

  1. Persona is an Italian company offering casual and evening wear, swimwear.
  2. Elena Miro presents feminine silk blouses and pleated skirts.
  3. Ulla Popken is famous for tailoring summer tunics in juicy shades. There are both plain and printed products.
  4. Oliver Plus size offers casual wear with a focus on designing jeans and T-shirts.
  5. Navabi creates successful styles: sheath dresses with spectacular side inserts, pencil skirts with a laconic cut.

clothing brands for overweight womenclothing brands for womenfamous clothing brands

Maternity clothing brands

Women in an interesting position are busy choosing comfortable wardrobe items. Fashionable clothing brands designed for pregnant women will help to cope with the task:

  1. Isabella Oliver — designs models made from natural materials that provide a perfect fit. Fabrics adapt to the transformation of the female body, regardless of the change in time.
  2. Asos Maternity makes basic maternity underwear, comfortable items for everyday outings.
  3. H&M Mama offers light blouses, dresses, tunics, knitted suits, pajama sets, underwear.
  4. Hatch pays attention not only to comfort, but also to stylish design. Examples are «tea» dresses, trousers in the style of the 70s, velveteen overalls.
  5. Envie de Fraise is synonymous with sophisticated French style. Expectant mothers are offered tight-fitting elastic dresses, tops with a deep neckline.

maternity clothing brandsfashion clothing brandsbest clothing brands

Sportswear brands

For active girls, comfortable and functional wardrobe items are being developed. These are the most famous women’s clothing brands producing sportswear:

  1. Columbia makes jackets, down jackets, ski suits. When choosing a material for manufacturing, preference is given to membrane fabric.
  2. Sergio Tacchini offers lightweight and insulated workout kits, branded tennis pieces.
  3. Demix is ​​a Russian company that produces clothes for swimming, fitness, running, yoga, martial arts.
  4. Fila offers seasonal summer and winter tracksuits, complementing them with the necessary equipment and accessories.

sportswear brandsfamous women's clothing brandsmost popular clothing brands

Streetwear brands

Streetwear has won the recognition of young fashionistas. Youth clothing brands serve as confirmation:

  1. Palm Angels makes hoodies and tracksuits with vibrant flame prints. Denim jeans of traditional blue and blue colors remain out of competition.
  2. Stüssy produces beachwear. An example is Hawaiian shirts decorated with palm trees, loose pants with multi-colored stripes.
  3. Supreme prefers to decorate hoodies and polo shirts with bright appliqués.
  4. AWGE is experimenting with texture, offering puffed leather down jackets with quilted stitching and pants made from a similar material.
  5. GCDS favors traditional design and produces laconic pants, sweatshirts, t-shirts.
  6. Volchok offers both basic wardrobe items and out-of-the-ordinary items with gothic patterns.

streetwear brandsyouth clothing brandsthe most popular clothing brands for young people

Outerwear brands for women

In the cool season, it will be possible to warm up and create a stylish look at the same time. Outerwear brands will help:

  1. Uniqlo produces jackets with a traditional matte texture treated with a water-repellent finish, favoring simple cuts and muted colours.
  2. Woolrich offers both short jackets and long down coats. The brand prefers trendy colors that are in harmony with the rest of the wardrobe.
  3. Moncler makes down-filled jackets and coats. Bright, metallic colors, patent leather are popular.

outerwear brands for womenouterwear brandstop clothing brands

Casual clothing brands

Fashionistas who prefer a creative casual style will be able to pick up the right things. The most popular clothing brands for youth will help:

  1. M65 Casual offers jeans in a traditional blue and blue palette, oversized T-shirts in basic colors.
  2. Tactical Pro produces unisex clothing: hoodies, jersey tracksuits, sweatshirts and turtlenecks.
  3. ABERCROMBIE showcases polo shirts in monochrome or checkered prints, tank tops, oversized jackets.
  4. Vintage Industries offers sets made from natural materials: jersey, cotton, velveteen.

casual clothing brandsthe most popular clothing brands for young peoplefamous clothing brands for women

Knitwear brands

Textured things won the recognition of fashionistas. Confirmation is the best clothing brands that make knitwear:

  1. House of Sunny favors vintage style. The collections include cardigans that open the waist, made in bright colors.
  2. Pretties makes fishnet tops and shorts. It is allowed to throw an elongated cardigan over the set.
  3. Rua Carlota produces unique knitted tops and tank tops with a retro look.
  4. Nith Studio offers signature multi-colored pinstripe sleeveless.
  5. Hope Macaulay specializes in rainbow colored cardigans. Things are characterized by large viscous, voluminous sleeves.

knitwear brandsbest clothing brandsfamous clothing brands

Denim Brands

Denim wardrobe items do not lose their relevance among fashionistas. Famous clothing brands are engaged in the manufacture of things:

  1. Levi’s specializes in classic straight-cut jeans, skinny jeans, high-waisted jeans.
  2. Wrangler offers pants in both modern and vintage styles. The branding is evidenced by the stitching on the back pockets, forming the letter «W».
  3. Diesel makes jeans and jackets with classic designs or with ripped details.
  4. Calvin Klein prefers ultra-modern design. Jeans with stripes, which bear the repeated name of the trademark, serve as confirmation.
  5. Armani wins due to the conciseness and simplicity of the cut. The elegant design emphasizes quality.
  6. Tommy Hilfiger offers jeans with a precise fit and rich color palette.

denim clothing brandsfamous clothing brandswomen's clothing brands

Homewear brands

Fashionistas strive to look stylish not only during walks, but also at home. The most popular clothing brands will become a godsend:

  1. The Sense offers sets made of silk, viscose, jersey. Lightweight models are represented by T-shirts and shorts, insulated ones — by pants and long-sleeved shirts.
  2. Sea Me produces exclusive pajamas made from linen.
  3. Love Goods Lingerie sews original sets consisting of elongated cotton pants and a cropped top. An alternative solution is a combination of a fitted cut, complemented by lacing at the back.
  4. Rabotnica — the trademark has adopted extraordinary solutions and produces bathrobes and pajamas inspired by the motives of the Soviet Union.
  5. Hunkemöller is experimenting with product textures. An example is plush kigurumi pajamas, sets made of velvet and velor.

homewear brandsmost popular clothing brandsfashion clothing brands

Classic clothing brands

Lovers of elegance prefer the classics. Justify the expectations of business clothing brands:

  1. Charuel sews models that help to embody a status image. This is achieved through natural materials, a well-adjusted silhouette.
  2. Mango designs unique styles. The effect is achieved by complementing the classic blouse with frills on the chest, creating a business dress in a school style.
  3. Tutto Bene dilutes the classic jacket silhouette with a voluminous peplum. The skirt wins due to the coloring in red and black checks.
  4. Lusio is a Turkish fashion house specializing in making dresses. Fashionistas are offered styles «case», «trapeze», «shirt».

classic clothing brandsbusiness clothing brandsfamous women's clothing brands

Sustainable clothing brands

Designers are guided by the current trend of turning to natural materials. Popular brands of women’s clothing have a similar effect:

  1. KM by LANGE — makes dresses from cotton, linen, prefers handmade products.
  2. Rimmba makes swimwear from raw or recycled materials. Models from raw silk, cotton, linen predominate.
  3. Sustainability makes swimwear from lightweight jersey that is eco-friendly and dries quickly.
  4. Semiletova prefers clothing made from organic cotton and recycled materials.

sustainable clothing brandspopular brands of women's clothingclothing brands for women

Winter clothing brands for women

In the cool season, well-known brands will help to warm up. These are winter clothing brands:

  1. Canada Goose designs down jackets. Products are equipped with a removable hood, special inserts that protect the sleeves from wind, large pockets.
  2. The North Face produces interesting puffy jackets and down jackets with a secret hood. If necessary, the part can be easily hidden. The material for tailoring is complemented by a waterproof and windproof coating.

winter clothing brands for womenwinter clothing brandsouterwear brands

Boho clothing brands

Popular brands follow the eco-friendliness trend. These are linen clothing brands:

  1. April May offers jackets, t-shirts, tops, complemented by ethnic prints and embroidery.
  2. River Island makes fringed kimonos, knitted tops and headbands.
  3. Maison Scotch presents linen sundresses, combined with leather or suede jackets.

boho clothing brandslinen clothing brandsbest clothing brands


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