Clothing Oasis


Clothing Oasis

British brand Oasis is English minimalism in bright and bold colors. This is exactly the kind of Oasis women’s clothing that the British saw in 1991. At this time, the brothers Maurice and Michael Bennet open their own fashion boutique, it is worth noting, not the first one, where they offer original high street style women’s accessories.

Clothing models are designed for women and girls aged 18 to 30 years. Brightness, audacity, success and self-confidence are the main characteristics of Oasis clothing that will help you find your style, regardless of your occupation. After all, Oasis designers can turn even the most ordinary office suit into a bright and stylish outfit with just a few touches and accessories. It is worth noting that since the foundation of the brand, the prices for clothes have been distinguished by their democratic nature. At the same time, the models are always made from quality materials.

As soon as the clothes from Oasis gained immense popularity all over the world, its designers decided to launch separate lines of accessories and shoes, as well as break all the clothes into thematic areas: classic, sports, romantic and some others. Today, there are over 400 Oasis boutiques around the world, including in Russia, Sweden, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Oasis women’s clothing

Oasis clothing has always been stylish and comfortable. Because Oasis designers are well aware of what a woman wants from clothes. The brand is known for its feminine blouses, skirts, and amazing suits. Oasis dresses are always unique and varied. Flowing, lightweight fabrics, fashionable silhouettes, unobtrusive but memorable prints and embossing on fabrics — all these components are the hallmarks of luxurious dresses and accessories from Oasis.

We should also talk about Oasis sportswear. Designers of the fashion brand approached this issue with special care. The Oasis sportswear collection features unexpected colorways that express the true power of vitality. The combination of black, pink and yellow tones in tracksuits will certainly give you a boost of strength and vivacity during sports.

New Oasis clothing collection

This season, the Bennet brothers offer us a new Oasis clothing collection. They managed to capture all the most fashionable trends in modern fashion and embody them in a kind of retro style. An incredible combination of bright colors and pastel shades will definitely make you stylish and bright this spring.

A pretty dress with a floral print and a thin contrasting belt, a light and airy trouser overall with cropped legs, a bright knitted blouse with a gray skirt — these are the romantic images that the Bennet brothers displayed in their collections.

As noted earlier, for the convenience of customers, Oasis divided their clothes into several thematic collections. The main and base line is Little Black Dress. These are traditional style clothes. Denim clothing and accessories are presented in a collection called Denim. New Vintage is, in turn, clothing in the «retro» style. For romantic girls, the Ballerina collection was created, and the Escape themed collection presents sportswear for outdoor activities.

The new Oasis collections in 2013 have one distinguishing feature — prints. They distinguish the brand from others, and unite all the collections of this brand. Bright floral motifs, various abstractions, exotic animal prints and many others.


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