Wrangler jeans


Wrangler jeans

Wrangler is an American denim brand. Wrangler denim is designed for women with a sense of purpose, style and freedom. Today, the clothes of the legendary brand are sold in more than 30 European countries.

Wrangler History

The legendary history of the Wrangler brand is rich in interesting facts.

1904 — C.S. Hudson founded the BLUE BELL OVERALL company in the USA, which becomes the ancestor of the WRANGLER brand.

1919 — the first sewing enterprise was built.

1930 — the use of innovative technologies (chemical-mechanical treatment of fabric against shrinkage) began.

1946 — Based on a competition among workers, the brand is named WRANGLER.

1947 — the year of birth of the brand, a new collection in cowboy style was released.

1986 — merged with VF Corporation.

How to distinguish real Wrangler jeans?

There is an erroneous opinion that all clothes of a famous brand are sewn from “broken twill” fabric. Herringbone fabric is only available for Rigid models. Denim series Gold Bucket is sewn from a material with a diagonal pattern.

Real Wrangler jeans are thick and heavy. Some jeans have a «Basic Equipment» booklet in the back left pocket.

The threads for stitching are selected according to the color of the fabric, it turns out that after the fabric has shed, they appear beautifully.

Pay attention to the double outer stitching, it is overlapped on the front side. Jeans have a line in two colors, the inner one is in the tone of the product, and the upper one is red.

The Cowboy Cut series is distinguished by the fact that the leather label is sewn to the back pocket. On licensed Wrangler models, it is made of flexible brown plastic.

Many Wrangler jeans have bright tags, making them very hard to fake.

«Tab» contains different versions of the logo, for example, it can be red, blue or black. On some models, the inscription is printed in block letters, on others — with a string.

Almost all models have copper buttons with the Wrangler logo. Also remember that the cowboy boot is embossed on the zipper tongue on all models without exception.

2013 Wrangler Women’s Jeans

The revolutionary new Wrangler 2013 collection features innovative ideas and unprecedented functionality. The brand introduced jeans models that fight cellulite and dry skin. For example, skinny jeans have a moisturizing, anti-cellulite and softening effect.

The revolutionary line features several types of jeans:

  1. Smooth Legs — the fabric is impregnated with caffeine extract and seaweed, which will help women get rid of cellulite.
  2. Mid Blue — the material contains a concentrate of olive oil, which contributes to the elasticity of the skin.
  3. Blue Summer is ideal for sensitive skin as it contains aloe vera extract.

The effectiveness of these jeans lasts up to the fifth wash, then you need to spray with a special spray.

Take a closer look at women’s classic Wrangler jeans with special details to hide figure imperfections. New styles visually tighten the figure, lengthen the legs and skillfully emphasize the silhouette.

New models of Wrangler jeans:

  • Drew — straight model with a classic waistline;
  • Corynn — mid-rise skinny jeans;
  • Shennan — cropped skinny jeans with a wide waistband.

This year, the brand has focused on color. In the new collection you will find denim in green, mustard, cherry and light blue. But the main shades are still gray and indigo.

Wrangler jeans will help you stay in shape, besides being stylish and fashionable. It’s really something new and interesting, so you should definitely try it!


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