Turkish clothing brands


Turkish clothing brands

Turkish women’s clothing brands are becoming more and more popular and in demand among many fashionistas. This is facilitated by the quality of products, modern and relevant models.

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If you get acquainted with all the companies for the production of women’s clothing, then they will have to be listed for a very long time, but you can select the most popular ones that are in great demand among the female half.

List of Turkish women’s clothing brands

  1. Turkish brand of women’s clothing Mix Fox. The style of clothing is very bright and rich, in demand among girls under 25 years old.
  2. Turkish brand Balizza. It specializes mainly in sewing evening and cocktail dresses with silk, fur and rhinestones. Also in the collections of this brand there are elegant suits that emphasize femininity and beauty.
  3. Turkish clothing brand Collezione. The clothing of this company has a sports and youth direction. Quality items for teenagers who want to look stylish and comfortable.
  4. Turkish brand of women’s clothing KoToN. All collections are very stylish and bright. The clothes of this brand are preferred by both young girls and mature women who like to look fashionable and feminine.
  5. Turkish brand Colin’s. The clothes of this company have become known and popular since 1983. It is good quality and reasonable prices. In addition, it is one of the famous Turkish clothing brands. She is loved by both young people who want to stand out and more mature women who value comfort and practicality.
  6. Turkish brand Mavi Jeans. One of the brands that entered the international market. The main specialization is denim fashion. At the same time, the cost of jeans of this brand can be equated with the cost at Levi’s.

Turkish brands that dictate fashion

Of course, the list of Turkish clothing brands is huge. There are companies that specialize exclusively in women’s fashion, such as Oxxo, Txist, Elfe and others. Turkish dress brands include Gizia, Kiki Riki, Adilisik.


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