Spanish clothing brands


Spanish clothing brands

Spanish manufacturers can easily compete with the most fashionable brands from America and England. The quality of clothes is at a decent level, and the pricing policy allows all women to wear these clothes with pleasure.

The most famous Spanish women’s clothing brands

Almost certainly any fashionista will tell you that clothes and accessories from Mango and Zara are an excellent compromise between quality and price. The original design and recognizable style make these things popular.

In the list of Spanish clothing brands that are known all over the world, Zara is in the first place. Every year, designers of a well-known brand offer up to ten thousand (!) Models of clothes and various accessories. The management has long stopped spending money on advertising, as the name speaks for itself, this makes it possible to open new outlets around the world.

Among Spanish clothing and footwear brands, Mango is known for its love of advertising campaigns featuring the most famous celebrities and models. These pieces are comfortable and stylish, you can find clothes for everyone for special occasions.

Spanish luxury and casual wear brands

Among the brands from Spain that produce luxury clothing, there are also recognizable logos and names. For example, the world famous company Pronovias offers women not just wedding dresses. These are dresses that do not even need to be complemented with accessories. They are so elegant and original that even the simplest «gray mouse» turns into a queen in them.

Among the Spanish clothing and footwear brands there are firms that always offer something original and versatile. These include Loewe. Things from this company are universal and are equally liked by lovers of the classics and fashion experimenters.

If you are looking for fashion brands from Spain for young and active people, pay attention to the offers from Paull&Bear or Bershka. These are bright youth styles, mostly everyday. These Spanish clothing brands are distinguished by a clear tracking of all fashion trends in youth circles and affordable quality.


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